Call for Applications 2020-2021 Mentoring Program

Application Deadline: March 15, 2020

The Mentoring Program is intended for artists and culture makers of all ages who are planning to begin working within the independent performing arts community in Berlin. Experienced mentors support newcomers of great potential from all work areas and genres within the independent performing arts.

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Symposium: On Tour – Realities and Utopias of International Mobility in the Independent Performing Arts Community

Save the Date: March 27, 2020

National and international collaborations continue to grow in importance within the independent performing arts community. How is the community prepared for this at the moment? What do we need to bear in mind in order to network successfully? And how can existing structures and networks be improved in order to be able to present productions more frequently? This Performing Arts Program symposium provides space for exchange and inspiration on the topic of touring.



Performing Knowledge – Open Calls for Mentors and Experts

Application deadline for experts: March 1, 2020 (1st round)
Application deadline for mentors: March 15, 2020

Our new project Performing Knowledge kicked off on February 1. In order to be able to continue to offer and expand our diverse selection of advisement and qualification offers as well as the Mentoring Program, we are inviting experienced experts and members of the independent performing arts community to apply as experts for our advisement and qualification offers or as mentors for our Mentoring Program, which will start in the spring.

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NEW: Broschure "Guides to Berlin’s Independent Arts Community"

The guides conducted research into and compiled opportunities, points of contact, networks and helpful tips for working as a freelance artist in Berlin in their respective languages. The results of this work are now available in the form of a multilingual information brochure.

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Rehearsal Space Platform Berlin

Space from the Community for the Community.


The Rehearsal Space Platform is a website for everyone who would like to offer, search for or book rehearsal space.

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Online: Performing Arts Guide
Since the end of 2018, the info portal Performing Arts Guide has provided a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Berlin's independent performing arts.

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Theater Scoutings Berlin

Discover the theater and performance of Berlin's independent performing arts community with Theater Scoutings! We will accompany you each month to a diverse range of venues and introduce you to what makes Berlin theater one-of-a-kind.

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The Berlin Performing Arts Programm

With the Performing Arts Program, LAFT Berlin has created an effective instrument for the infrastructural strengthening, professionalization and networking of Berlin‘s independent performing arts community. The goals are to increase and consolidate the visibility of artistic work within the creative hub of Berlin, the opening of the independent performing arts community for new audience members, bundling and passing on knowledge and competencies, the strengthening of synergies and creating new cooperations within and beyond the independent performing arts community itself.

LAFT Berlin

The LAFT Berlin – Berlin State Association for the Independent Performing Arts e.V. – was founded in 2007. It represents the interests of its 360 members, including the essential performance venues, groups and independent artists of Berlin, in dealing with politicians and the public. It supports its members through networking activities, consultation, coordination and services.

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