The Industry Get-Together Audio Archive 2020

The Industry Get-Together Audio Archive 2020

Everyone who was unable to reserve one of the limited spaces to attend the events live, who did not have the time or prefers to join in while underway or at home can click though our audio archive here.

Photos ©Dorothea Tuch

Thursday, October 1, 2020

WE’LL SEE WHEN WE SEE!? – Opening Radio Gala

Contributions in English and German

With contributions by: Dr. Klaus Lederer (Senator for Culture and Europe, Berlin), Ása Richardsdóttir (IETM Secretary General), Florian Fangmann (Centre Français de Berlin), Simone Willeit (Uferstudios Berlin), Janina Benduski (Berlin Performing Arts Program), Chang Nai Wen (LAFT Berlin), Felizitas Stilleke (Industry Get Together 2020), Jiří Sulženko (Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Prague), Adriana Světlíková (Nova sit / PRALIN, Czech republic).

Your hosts for the evening are Tina Pfurr (Ballhaus Ost, LAFT Berlin) with Sebastian Bark, Sean Patten and Simon Will (Gob Squad).

Friday, October 2, 2020

The Industry Get-Together Radio Salon Day 1

Since 2013, Julia Bonn and Anna-Lena Wenzel have made their way through feminist topics and discourses from the realms of art, the everyday and politics. In their Salon für Alltägliches, or Salon for the Everyday, which is offered once per month on

To close out each day of the conference, they fish reflections, loopholes and critical thoughts out of the schedule of programming and stream them directly into the homes and heads in the Industry Get-Together radio salon. Without limits and with proper distancing guaranteed!

Initiated by and featuring: Julia Bonn, Anna-Lena Wenzel (Salon für Alltägliches) and guests of the Industry Get-Together 2020.

At this point, once again a big thank you to barner16 from Hamburg for the great radio jingles!

HOW TO… Art & Safety

In German

Together with the Hamburg culture office Zwei Eulen, we invite experts to a working conversation about social safeguarding of the members of the independent performing arts and will examine how a comprehensive networking and bundling of the questions can bring us a step closer to the problems as well as their solution.

Initiated by and featuring: Kaja Jakstat (Zwei Eulen – Büro für Kulturkonzepte, Hamburg), Lena Krause (Allianz der freien Künste), Anka Belz (ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro, Berlin).

ARE YOU OKAY? — The State of Things in Terms of Cultural Policy

In German

Over the course of multiple short presentations, members and representatives of initiatives will provide an overview of the respective cultural policy perspective and thus the state of the independent performing arts community.

With: Dr. Klaus Lederer (Senator for Cuture and Europe, Berlin), Janina Benduski (LAFT Berlin), Dennis Rohde  (Member of the Bundestag, SPD / invited), Anne Schneider (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste), Dr. Tobias J. Knoblich (Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft / invited), Holger Bergmann (Fonds Darstellende Künste), Michael Freundt (Dachverband Tanz), Karin Kirchhoff (Dramaturgische Gesellschaft), Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs (Interkultur Ruhr).

Moderated by: Wibke Behrens (Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, board member, spokesperson Berlin, Institute for Cultural Governance, co-founder), Julian Kamphausen (Berlin Performing Arts Program).

WELL WHAT DO WE WANT THEN!? — Reflection on the Present Funding Policies

In German

The cultural policy speakers representing the various political parties in Berlin will reflect upon the ten short speeches made during the cultural policy snapshot ARE YOU OKAY!?.
One year before the next elections for Berlin’s House of Representatives, there are basic questions that must be asked: what society will be formed through the present funding instruments in the field of culture? What direction should the funding follow? So much has changed so strongly. This is why we ask consistently: what visions and scenarios are now foreseeable?

With: Frank Jahnke (cultural policy speaker of the SPD parliamentary group), Dr. Robbin Juhnke (cultural policy speaker of the CDU parliamentary group), Regina Kittler (cultural policy speaker of the Die Linke parliamentary group), Florian Kluckert (cultural policy speaker of the FDP parliamentary group), Daniel Wesener (cultural policy speaker of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group / invited).

Moderated by: Wibke Behrens (Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft, board member, spokesperson Berlin, Institute for Cultural Governance, co-founder), Fatima Çalışkan (Berlin Performing Arts Program)

And now… Anti-Racism!?

In English

Choreographer, performer and author Nora Amin conceptualised and curated the conference for dance artists and educators on the issue of dance and racism "The Other Body?" (With Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum and Tanzkomplizen) and now discuss her analysis of the strategies of racism within the history of dance pedagogy and the aesthetic traditions of staged dance with us.

And now... Feminism!?

In German

As an important voice from the intersectional-feminist field, Lea-Sophie Schiel (theater scholar and performer Hysterisches Globusgefühl) talks about what cannot be forgotten during the current upheaval or may not be abandoned.

And now... Exchange!?

In English

As a co-host of the program 2020 RAUMFAHRT – Expeditions into the Performing Arts Community, Ulrike Seybold (NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, North Rhine-Westphalia’s State Office for the Independent Performing Arts) will meet Adriana Světlíková (Prague) who coordinates the Prague end of the exchange project PRALIN as program director in the independent performing arts network Nová Sít‘.

And now... Nature!?

In English

We really have to speak quite urgently about how we work in harmony with nature and how we can and want to continue doing so. The artistic-scientific practice of Gosie Vervloessem from Brussels meets an apocalyptic impulse of Max Gadow (virtuellestheater).

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Industry Get-Together Radio Salon

To close out the third day of the Industry Get-Together, the radio broadcasters Julia Bonn and Anna-Lena Wenzel will identify central ideas and action strategies from the schedule of programming and stream them into the scene from their radio salon. Without limits and with proper distancing guaranteed!

Initiated by and featuring: Julia Bonn and Anna-Lena Wenzel (Salon für Alltägliches) and guests of the Industry Get-Together 2020.

HOW TO… Art & Public Space

In English

Philine Rinnert and Merel Smitt will meet for the first time. Together they provide an invitation to an open work meeting. Here, these shifts will be named and the first approaches for collaboratively dealing with them should be found in order to up new common grounds and playing fields within our society.

Initiated by and featuring: Philine Rinnert (director, stage designer, DIE VIELEN e.V.), Merel Smitt (independent artist, Rotterdam)

And now... Arts Education!?

In German

How can we communicate what cannot be communicated? Who is allowed to take part and who do we lose along the way? These are questions that the communication experts Lina Zehelein (Head of Participation und Communication, Staatstheater Darmstadt) discuss with the audience.

And now... Education!?

In German

We will be hearing about this turning point in the art world for quite some time to come. The hygiene regulations and physical distancing are inscribing themselves into learned praxis and shifting aesthetics. This is reason enough for Prof. Dr. Annemarie Matzke (Institute for Media, Theater and Popular Culture, University of Hildesheim) to enter into a discussion with Dr. Peggy Mädler.

And now... Solidarity!?

In German

Is all of this just a bubble? We’ve been asking ourselves that since the last Industry Get-Together on the topic of solidarities, now more than ever, and are inviting Melmun Bajarchuu (critical companion, activist in the Initiative for Solidarity in Theater (ISaT)) and Ewelina Benbenek (author, literature and cultural scientist) to help us find out what is happening right now in this regard at an institutional level – or is not happening.

And now... Intergeneration!?

In German

The transgenerative work that Sibylle Peters (Fundustheater Hamburg) and Luc Paquier (artistic director Centre Français de Berlin) are used to in their daily work is currently facing new challenges and impossibilities. This is something that we have to talk about!

ARE YOU WITH US!? — Digitalism and Participation for Culture and Society

In German

Nearly a fifth of the population only uses the internet in a very reduced manner or not at all. This knowledge, in light of a significant increase in digital structures by a wide variety of cultural institutions within the scope of measures to slow the spread of the global pandemic makes it clear how excluding and limited society and culture have always been or are again within the area of participation.

Together with experts working at the juncture between digital and analog, we will question goals for funding institutions, the role of members of the independent performing arts community as well as perspectives and challenges for cultural policy. There is a connective potential in digital work in the independent arts that be found and given a name, both in terms of cultural policy and collaboratively!

With: Philip Steimel (, Annette Kleffel (Technologiestiftung), Alexandra Wolf (re:publica).

Moderation: Susanne Schuster (OutOfTheBox).

LET‘S STAY FRIENDS… – European and International Long-Distance Relationships

In English

Institutions are facing huge challenges in light of closed borders, hygiene regulations and travel restrictions.We want to discuss this and have invited leading voices from the field to share their thoughts and then discuss with friends on-site.

Opening Impulses: Elena Polivtseva (Head of Policy and Research, IETM), Necati Öziri (dramaturge Theatertreffen, director Internationales Forum, Berlin), Ewan McLaren (Bazaar Festival Prague), Thomas F. Eder (Performing Arts Festival Berlin).

With: Nela H. Kornetová (T.I.T.S. performance collective, Prague), Monika Gintersdorfer (Gintersdorfer/Klaaßen, La Fleur), Stefan Behrmann (managing direction Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste).

Moderation: Janina Benduski (Performing Arts Programm Berlin) & Julian Kamphausen


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