Performing Safety 2022

Performing Safety 2022

New year, new rules: in the coming weeks and months as well, we can continue to expect new regulations and changes due to the pandemic with which the independent performance and rehearsal venues as well as artists and collectives without a permanent performance venue will have to deal with. The Performing Safety team provides advice and support for everyone who is uncertain what regulations currently apply to them, what they must bear in mind during rehearsals, live events and in terms of occupational safety and preventing infection as well as where financial support can be found if events are cancelled.

We will provide information about the regulations that are currently valid for cultural events as well as work, rehearsal or further education contexts and provide supporting in the evaluation of risks, the creation of safety concepts and their realization in terms of occupational health and safety. In addition, our experts provide advice for the planning of future safety measures in performance and rehearsal venues and their realization as well as issue invitations to workshops and discussion formats


Christin Eckart

Aurora Kellermann

Please send all requests for advice and registrations to: performingsafety [at]