Felix Koch

Felix Koch was born in 1985 in Stralsund, studied social/cultural anthropology and history in Berlin and works in the culture sector as well as a musician and performer. He plays guitar, trumpet, piano and sound objects; currently, amongst others, with Hund and the mini brass band Pingustan. He was a founding member of the music theater collective Kilofon, a member of the My Sister Grenadine Trio for many years as well as the Mute Swimmer Band and the improvisation ensemble Sarotti Instant at Exploratorium Berlin. He is also involved in a variety of additional theater productions and music projects. In addition, Felix Koch's cultural work has included projects for, amongst others, the Kurdish Film Festival Berlin-Dohuk for Dissens - Institute for Education and Research and for the Berlin Wall Memorial. He has worked for the Performing Arts Program in the area of Distribution & Marketing since June 2016.

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