Theater Scoutings Berlin in cooperation with INTERNATIONAL NOTICE

Wanted: artists willing to invite writers into their final rehearsals between February and June 2018.

INTERNATIONAL NOTICE is an artist-led project generating an evolving archive of written responses to performance on the Berlin independent scene. With Theaterscoutings Berlin, the audience development project of the Performing Arts Programm Berlin, we invite members of the audience to write personal responses to artistic works. INTERNATIONAL NOTICE provides a unique opportunity for the performance makers selected to take part in the project to interact with audiences and to receive original, high-quality critical writing in response to their work.

INTERNATIONAL NOTICE + Theaterscoutings Berlin: Season of Performance Writing runs from February to June 2018. Each month, we invite members of the public to attend the general rehearsal of a piece of work being made on the Berlin independent scene. Afterwards they are given the opportunity to briefly meet the maker of the performance and then come together to write lively, personal responses to the work, guided by the INTERNATIONAL NOTICE facilitator. These responses will be compiled into ‘instant’ publications that are printed and available for audiences and the artists. The publications will also be archived online.

In order for your performance to be included in the project, it must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Your performance is being presented in Berlin as part of the independent scene.
  • The general rehearsal for the piece is taking place in Berlin between February and June 2018, and it must be possible for up to 15 members of the public to attend for free.
  • All categories of live performance are eligible (dance, theatre, performance, etc).
  • As this initial programme will be run in English, performances must be accessible to non-German speakers.

Five performances will be selected, one per month, for inclusion in this phase of the project.

To find out more and register your interest, please fill out your details by November 30th at:

Please note this Open Call applies to performances that are already scheduled to take place. We do not offer funding
for performances to be made, nor do we offer a platform for ad hoc performances that are not already programmed.

INTERNATIONAL NOTICE is a working group formed out of How Do We Work it, an initiative of Berlin choreographers to meet, speak and reflect on current working conditions in contemporary art in Berlin.

opens a path to the independent performing arts community in Berlin. In collaboration with over 30 cooperation partners, Theaterscoutings offers a monthly alternating schedule of programming. Post-performance discussions and pre-performance introductions, workshops and formats such as jam sessions or rehearsal visits are held.