Feedback Series #rehearsalmoments – Invitation to Participate

Wanted: Artists who want to offer an open rehearsal with integrated feedback format over the course of their rehearsal process

Time period: October to December 2018

The feedback format #rehearsalmoments was developed by Aurora Kellermann, dramaturg, performer and editor of the Berlin Rehearsal Space Platform, and seeks to encourage audience members to perceive and articulate their own impressions and observations. In coordination with artists, Aurora Kellermann has developed a feedback system that will be adapted to the needs of artists. The format, integrated within an open rehearsal, allows interested audience members to obtain a deeper insight into an artistic process "before the premiere" and supports artists in their creative process.

How does it work?
The feedback series #rehearsalmoments will run through December 2018. Every few months, we will invite audience members to an open rehearsal for a production within Berlin's independent performing arts community. After the rehearsal, the artists and audience members will come together to formulate and share, under the coordination of Aurora Kellermann, their observations and insights regarding the work they have seen.

Criteria for participation within the format series:

  • The open rehearsal is part of a rehearsal process that will lead to the premiere of a production
  • The production will be presented as part of Berlin's independent performing arts community
  • The open rehearsal will take place in Berlin between October and December 2018 and it is possible to accommodate up to 15 audience members, free of charge
  • All genres of the performing arts are possible (dance, theater, performance, et cetera)
  • The open rehearsal can have various formats (run through, work on individual scenes, presentation of research, et cetera)
  • In order to adapt the feedback format to the respective open rehearsal, the rehearsal must be registered at least one month in advance

If you are interested, please contact Aurora Kellermann until August 20, 2018 at: redaktion(at)

Please bear in mind that this call for applications applies to productions already planned. We are not offering funding for production development or a platform for productions that do not have a planned premiere.

Aurora Kellermann works in Berlin's independent performing arts community as a dramaturg and performer. Since 2014, she has directed, together with Chris Wohlrab, TATWERK | Performative Forschung, a rehearsal and production venue for theater, dance and performance. She also works as the editor of the Berlin  Rehearsal Space Platform, a free web portal where artists can find suitable space for their projects.

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