Call for applications: Marketing Training "Trick or Treat?"

Marketing Training "Trick or Treat?" for art and culture makers within the independent performing arts community who are on the search for new forms of self-driven marketing      

Application deadline: November 3, 2017

Art and culture makers within the independent performing arts community should not be held to the standard guidelines of marketing and business administration. Their products and their target groups are not those of a service company. All the same, marketing strategies are necessary, but these must be as individual as the art and culture makers themselves.

Authenticity and continuity in one’s own work play an especially important role in this while also presenting the challenge. The Performing Arts Program of LAFT Berlin would like to support the art and culture makers of the independent performing arts community with its new Marketing Training by aiding them to develop and implement custom-made concepts for their communication strategies with the help of experts. The Marketing Training offers space for groundbreaking exchange and thought experiments to search for new paths far from the standard fare.

All members of the independent performing arts community are called upon to consider their own marketing and communication needs and develop their first thoughts and ideas for an innovative communication and marketing concept specifically for their own circumstances.

The six best concepts will be selected and qualified for the Market Training in support of the concepts.

The Marketing Training includes:

  • Active participation in five coaching areas on relevant topics concerning individual marketing for art and culture makers
  • Support and coaching with specifically selected focuses by experiences and specialized coaches in a total of five areas
  • Targeted support with the conceptualization and implementation of a communication idea through input from and exchange with experts from various areas
  • Public presentation of the results

Requirements for Participation

  • Member of Berlin’s independent performing arts community or part of a team that applies with a project within Berlin’s independent performing arts community
  • Motivated to create a specific communication and/or marketing idea within the scope of the Marketing Training and to further develop it over a period of four months
  • Primary residence in Berlin for the coming months and officially registered in Berlin
  • Strong language proficiency in German

Good Marketing is a Team Sport

The Marketing Training assumes that more than one person is generally required to communicate and market a production, campaign or cultural project in most cases. As a result, the training focuses on the formation of and application by teams that can be composed from a wide variety of members of the community: Artists, production managers, directors of performance venues, specialists from the fields of marketing, graphic design, PR work, publicity, strategy consultants, programmers or other intelligent minds that are absolutely essential for the success of the communication and marketing concept.

A team can consist of a maximum of three people. Members of the community who constitute a team unto themselves are also more than welcome to apply.

Submission of the Team Profiles and Concept Drafts
We ask you to submit a team profile and concept draft as well as a statement of motivation (application form) which illustrates your motivation for participating in the Marketing Training.  The coordinators of the program will select six teams from all submissions in cooperation with the coaches.

The critical factors for selection are the presentation of the team, the statement of motivation as well as the consistency and creativity of the marketing idea itself.

Applications can be submitted until November 3, 2017.

Applications can only be sent by email to beratung(at) via the application form (please download for editing).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sabrina Apitz