Mentors and Mentees 2013

Experienced mentors, including representatives of established venues in Berlin’s independent performing arts community, support newcomers with potential in the fields of dance, theater, performance and production.

The mentors and mentees 2013 are:

Gabi Beier (Artistic Director ada Studios)
is the Mentor of Anne Nowicka (Dancer and Choreographer)

Wagner Carvalho (Artistic Director Ballhaus Naunynstraße)
is the Mentor of  Iury Trojaborg (Performance Artist and Dramaturg)

Michael Freundt (Managing Director Dachverband Tanz Deutschland)
is the Mentor of  Gert Jan Stam (Writer and Producer)

Eva Hartmann (Producer and Dramatic Adviser Gob Squad)
is the Mentor of  Lena Mody (Dramaturg and Stage Designer) 

Ralf R. Ollertz (Artistic Director Halle Tanzbühne Berlin)
is the Mentor of  Matija Strnisa (Musician)

Aenne Quiñones (Curator and Associate Artistic Director Hebbel am Ufer)
is the Mentor of Valentina Repetto (Dramaturg, Producer and Actress)

Daniel Schrader (Artistic and Managing Director Ballhaus Ost)
is the Mentor of  Wanda Dubrau (Performance Artist)

Franziska Werner (Artistic Director Sophiensæle)
is the Mentor of  Christin Prätor (Dramaturg and Producer)

Katharina von Wilcke (Cultural Manager & Producer) 
is the Mentor of Sheena McGarndles (Choreographer)

Christoph Winkler (Choreographer)
is the Mentor of Mathis Kleinschnittger (Performance Artist and Dancer)




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