Mentors and Mentees 2015

Experienced mentors, including representatives of established venues in Berlin’s independent performing arts community, support newcomers with potential in the fields of dance, theater, performance and production.

The mentors and mentees 2015 are:

Nicola Hümpel (Artistic Director Nico and the Navigators)
is the Mentor of Michael Shapira (Choreographer and Performer).

Claudia Feest (Board Member Dachverband Tanz (DTD), Jurywoman & Lecturer)
is the Mentor of Kareth Schaffer (Choreographer).

Sven Holm (Artistic Director Novoflot)
is the Mentor of Eva Nina Lampic (Director).

Andrea Zagorski  (Dramaturg and Project Manager)
is the Mentor of Sarah Amanda Dulgeris (Actress, Performer and Director).

Maximilian v. Aulock (Founder and Manager at soniq performing arts)
is the Mentor of Katharina Haverich (Performer).

Julia von Schacky (Artistic Director Heimathafen Neukölln)
is the Mentor of Marianna Senne (Theater Maker and Performer).

Heike Diehm (Director k3 berlin – Kontor für Kultur und Kommunikation)
is the Mentor of Marie Rodewald & Holger Foest (Director and Producer / Performer and Press Officer).

Elena Polzer  (Producer and Translator)
is the Mentor of Tanja Engel (Producer and Project Manager).

Ricarda Ciontos (Artistic Director Nordwind Festival)
is the Mentor of Stefanie Kowalski (Curator).

Albert Lang (Director and Stage Designer)
is the Mentor of Tiago Romagnani Silveira (Performance Artist).


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