Review of the program

Alexander Karschnia (andCompany&Co) got the discourse rolling on the opening night with his clever, controversial reflections on the structures of the independent performing arts industry and the current political situation, which were repeatedly revisited and debated over the course of the Get-Together.

In two panel discussions filled with prominent guests, "I Can Do Everything! But Where Does That Get Me?" (Henrik Kuhlmann, Nik Haffner, Prof. Dr. Bernd Stegemann, Georg Scharegg) and "Who Wants To Own A Stadttheater (state-supported theater)? The Future of Subsidized Institutions) (Nele Hertling, Thilo Wittenbecher, Christoff Bleidt), the question of how structures for artistic work can and should be designed in the future was controversially discussed. The panels "What Do Berlin Politicians Intend for the Independent Performing Arts Community?"(Ingrid Walther, Agnes Schipper, Dr. Konrad Schmidt-Werthern) and "Why Do You Want To Fund Us?" (Hans Helmut Prinzler, Günter Jeschonnek, Pamina Gerhardt, Dr. Thomas Engel, Madeline Ritter) provided insight and outlooks on specific funding opportunities and perspective collaborations while the institutional representatives were faced with a number of comments from the audience. The extent to which the independent performing arts community has to get out of the big cities and "into the great wide world" was discussed by guests well-versed in the challenges of (inter)national producing: Dr. Stefanie Wenner, Ricardo Frayha, Michael Freundt, Tom Mustroph, Dorothee Starke, Alexandra Schmidt and Laurent Dubost.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the presentation of the Marketing Competition concepts. Moderated by the coordinator of the module, Nora Gores, ten finalists selected by a jury presented their ideas and self-marketing strategies on the opening evening. The winners of the Marketing Competition were announced on Sunday evening: the first prize of € 10,000 went to Theaterdiscounter, who won out with the concept of using shopping cart chips as marketing instruments. The campaign of the group RodewaldFoest Produktion for Ein Fest ohne Anna won the second prize of € 6,000. Two concepts were each able to achieve more than one thousand points in the online voting for the public prize of € 4,000. Puppenpool was ultimately victorious with the most points from the audience for its concept to strengthen the lobby for puppet theater. All prize money may only be used to implement the concepts.

More than 60 participant benefitted from the opportunity for personal exchange in the open spaces format with smaller groups, where veterans of the independent performing arts community such as Nir de Volff, Shani Leiderman, Christoph Winkler, Eva Hartmann and many others shared their expertise in the many aspect surrounding the production process. Expert panels on complex topics such as "Occupational Safety Within the Independent Performing Arts Community", "Copyright Update" or "Creativity, Self-Exploitation and Depression" provided additional space for detailed questions and the opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge. The work groups concentrated on topics with long-term perspectives on topics such as "Music Theater Platform", "Performance Venue Networking" or "Reorientation of the Funding Guidelines".