Mentors and Mentees 2016

Experienced mentors, including representatives of established venues in Berlin's independent performing arts community, support newcomers with potential in the fields of dance, theater, performance and production.

Chanan Erek (dancer, choreographer, dance educator and curator)
is the mentor of Wicki Bernhardt (performance artist, dramatuge, teacher).

Uwe Gössel (dramaturg, writer and theater maker)
is the mentor of Yaell Sherill  (director, producer and scenographer).

Fanni Halmburger (performer) 
is the mentor of Arnita Jaunsubrena (dramaturg, performer and scenographer).   

Eva Hartmann (coach, freelance dramaturg and manager/producer)
is the mentor of Miriam Kongstad (performer and choreographer).

Raisa Kröger (dancer, choreographer and dance producer)
is the mentor of Marta Hincapie (choreographer, performer and curator).    

Peggy Mädler (writer, dramaturg and director)
is the mentor of Panni Néder (director).    

Johannes Müller (diretor)
is the mentor of Daniel Sauermilch (playwright).

Tina Pfurr (actor, performer and producer)
is the mentor of Sanierte Altbauten (artist collective).

Elena Polzer (producer and translator)
is the mentor of Mira Lina Simon (dance producer).

Juli Reinartz (choreographer)
is the mentor of Sandhya Daemgen (performer and choreographer).


Sabrina Apitz /
Efrat Stempler

Coordinators of the Mentoring Program

Tel.: +49 30 30368785