2017 - 2019 Mentoring Program “Pro”

Target Group: Long-term members of the independent performing arts community
Application Deadline: October 31, 2016

This Performing Arts Program mentoring program is intended for long-term community members of any age who have a solid professional context for their work that they would like to further develop. Several years of professional experience is a prerequisite for participating in this program. Within each Group, two mentees will benefit from the experience of their mentors, who will provide them with intense support in individual coaching sessions over the course of three years. The mentees are asked to name their desired mentor in their application who will then be asked to participate by the mentee and the Mentoring Program after the conclusion of the application phase. 

The mentoring program “Pro” includes: 

  • Supervision and recurring individual coaching sessions covering individually selected topics by very experienced mentors over a period of three years
  • Specific support with the implementation and the expansion of competencies
  • A workshop/seminar on a topic and/or content focus of the mentee’s choice 1x per year
  • Additional support from the coordinators of the Mentoring Program
  • Access to a high-quality and open network for the independent performing arts community as well as regular networking meetings
  • Access to the additional offers of the Performing Arts Program

Requirements for Participation
Prerequisites for joining the mentoring program “Pro”:

  • At least seven years of successful/visible/perceivable work in the field of the independent performing arts
  • Documentation of high-quality work(s) in the field of the independent performing arts
  • The motivation to work toward a professional further development within the scope of the mentoring program and to formulation and visualize one’s own goals
  • Primary residence in Berlin for the coming three years and officially registered in Berlin
  • Strong language proficiency in German 

We ask you to submit a resume which illustrates your professional/artistic development as well as a statement of motivation (application form) which discusses your motivation for participating in the program. What motivates me? What do I want to work on? What do I expect from the Mentoring Program? Who (examples) would I like to accompany me on this path? What are my long-term goals? Applicants to the Mentoring Program “Pro” are asked to provide examples of their desired mentors whom we will approach together after selecting the participants.
Applications for the 2017 Group can be submitted until October 31, 2016.
Applications can only be sent by email to mentoringprogramm-2017(at)pap-berlin.de via the application form.

The coordinators of the Mentoring Program will make a selection from the applications received. Together with the selected participants, we will attempt to convince the desired mentors to participate. 


Efrat Stempler | Coordinator Consulting & Qualification
Telefon: +49 30 30368785 

Sabrina Apitz | Consulting & Qualification
Telefon: +49 30 30368785 

Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday 11 am - 2 pm
PAP Office Prenzlauer Berg at Ballhaus Ost
(only with Registration)