Symposium Communication & Audience Research

Audience Research
Communication Praxis
13. November 2020 | 10:00 -
ExRotaprint, Gottschedstraße 4, 13357 Berlin + Online

Symposium Communication & Audience Research

(Re)Connected – Audience Participation Using the Examples of Supporters Clubs, Funding Associations, Visitor Organizations and Audience Structures

Audience organizations are exciting examples for cultural communication when it comes to community building and the involvement of different people in cultural life. They get their members excited about culture and offer them a comprehensive service by, for example, offering childcare during the performance or help for senior citizens. They organize single nights and support people in difficult financial situations with discounted admission to museums, theaters, cinemas and concerts. They offer hikes and cultural trips, provide invitations to open discussions, preserve historical theatrical documents and make these accessible.
Members of various initiatives for audiences provide insight into the current praxis and demonstrate how they build relationships with their members and the options for participation that they offer to them. Presentations by artists and culture makers from the independent theater and dance communities using the examples of (established as well as newly created) welcome centers, workshops, clubs as well as flexible community projects show how their involve their audience in the theatrical work beyond attending the performance, the spaces for engagement and interaction they create as well as who encounters whom here and how.
In practical workshops, we will discuss new places for interactions between people and art and explore the question of what models for supporters clubs and audience organizations look like within the  independent performing arts community and how they can more present within the independent performing arts community. We invite those attending the symposium to take part in the future plans for the Berlin Performing Arts Program and to reflect upon the creation of a mutual supporters club for the independent performing arts community.
Guests: Dr. Vera Allmanritter (Institut für Kulturelle Teilhabeforschung, IKTF, Institute for Cultural Participation Research), Theater Thikwa & Thikwa Werkstatt, PACT Zollverein & Die WerkStadt, Tentaja Soziale GmbH, Schaubude Berlin, Akademie Kunst & Begegnungen (Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser, Alliance of International Production Institutions), Anne Frank Zentrum, Theatergemeinde.


Notes on Accessibility

The space ExRotaprint is physically accessible on a very limited basis. The space is located on the third floor.   Visitors access the space via stairs. There is no elevator. The space is bright and open. Anyone who would like to take a break during the event can go outside into the comfortable courtyard on the grounds of ExRotaprint.
All contributions made by the guest of the symposium will be broadcast live digitally. In order to be able to take part in the symposium digitally, a good internet connection and patience in the event of possible technical issues are important. There will be a brief introduction to the technology right at the beginning of the symposium.


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