Information & Accessibility

Information & Accessibility

This year, the Industry Get-Together can only take place with extremely limited capacities so that all participants can maintain a safe and reasonable distance from each other during the ongoing global pandemic. This will ensure that participation is safe for all attendees.

In order to protect all participants and staff, the hygiene regulations of the Berlin Senate apply during all events at all locations during the Industry Get-Together. We ask here for your help, prudence and shared responsibility in help to stop the spread of the pandemic and reserve the right to ask anyone refusing to cooperate and violating the regulations to leave the event. And, in general: if you have any symptoms – please stay at home!


Accessibility and Exclusions

The teams of the Industry Get-Together and the event locations are continuously working to supplement the existing offers and have their ears open at all times for questions and suggestions. Due to the measures to slow the spread of the pandemic, physical participation in the on-site events is extremely limited like never before and poses great challenges to us all. We are working hard to offer alternative forms of accessibility and will document all content thoroughly and make it available in a timely manner. We intend to make the event more accessible by providing a live audio archive as well as by providing individual online events. In addition, three clearly marked events offer the opportunity for digital participation via chat.

Alongside the transmission of the audio of the conference, content and positions will also be made accessible as web documents in order to compensate for the exclusions.  We are happy to answer any further questions or receive your suggestions; please write to us at branchentreff2020 [at]


Accessibility in the Locations

All spaces rented for the Industry Get-Together are accessible for wheelchair users and people using mobility aids with some restrictions. Please contact us if you have questions about accessibility during the Industry Get-Together or for specific event formats by sending an email to branchentreff2020 [at]

The spaces in Centre Français de Berlin are accessible via a narrow ramp. The floor in the entrance area is somewhat uneven due to flagstones. There are places for wheelchair users in the auditorium so that service persons can be directly nearby.
A restroom with fixtures for people with limited mobility is available.
The seats in the cinema are cushioned.

The spaces at Uferstudios are accessible without steps: The flooring in the outdoor area is somewhat uneven.
A restroom with fixtures for people with limited mobility is available.
The seats available at Uferstudios are mostly cushioned.
Some spaces at Uferstudios feature especially bright lighting. This can, however, be reduced simply by asking about it while at the respective location.
There are 2 parking spaces for disabled persons on the grounds of the Uferstudios. Please ask at the accreditation stand.


Some Notes on the Events

Complete silence is not expected during the events. When discussing serious topics, the atmosphere can be charged or very concentrated. Anyone who needs a break can leave an event at any time. No loud music will be played.



The events in the auditorium at Centre Français de Berlin will be interpreted simultaneously into English as well as German. For all other events within the schedule of programming, it is clearly indicated when an event takes place in English. Personal simultaneous translation is not allowed to be offered at the current time due to the hygiene regulations.



The number of participants is extremely limited this year. As a result, we ask you to please register in advance at

Participation in the individual events of the Industry Get-Together is only possible with advance, confirmed registration. Your registration confirmation must be presented upon request. If you do not have this confirmation, we ask you to refrain from attending the conference.
We ask you to please be sure to arrive on time and to be certain to inform us in advance if you are unable to attend an event you have registered for. There will be waiting lists. We ask for your understanding in this matter as well and appreciate your help and support.

We ask you to please independent observe the hygiene regulations that are in place in the respective locations and to follow them in a solidary spirit. In some cases, these may supplement the generally valid hygiene regulations.



We ask you to report on arrival to the accreditation and information booth in the lobby of Centre Français de Berlin and/or Studio 117 of Uferstudios. All participants will receive their Industry Get-Together ID, the schedule of programming and further information. Team members will be available here on all days of the event to answer questions and provide information about the Industry Get-Together - and the same is true for the entire team of the Berlin Performing Arts Program, of course.



We expressly inform you that most of the events of the Industry GetTogether
will be documented with photos and videos and that the resulting images will
be published over the course of the documentation as well as for advertising purposes. If you do not want to appear in the documentation, we ask you to please inform the team of this at the beginning of the respective event.



Packed lunches will be available for all participants on both event days. Fresh fruit and drinks will also be provided. In doing so, it is a special challenge for us to practice sustainability in the sense of avoiding waste. To help us do so, we ask you to bring your own beverage containers.


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