Rehearsal Space Café: The world of Insurance

Berlin Rehearsal Space Platform
Network Event
16. November 2020 | 10:30 -

Rehearsal Space Café: The world of Insurance

Being properly insured is one of the most important aspects when it comes to running rehearsal spaces, but is one that is often neglected. After all, it is no easy task to find your way through the “jungle of insurance” and sometimes it is easier to simply arrange for standard coverage. In this introduction, Thomas Jacoby will talk us through the various options that a company has and answer specific questions dealing with the topic of insurance.

Thomas Jacoby has worked independently as an insurance broker and financial services provider since 1998 and develops custom insurance concepts for companies working in a wide variety of industries.

The Rehearsal Space Café is the Stammtisch, or regulars' table, for space providers throughout the city, providing an opportunity to converse with colleagues about the everyday joys and burdens of "offering space", learning about which solutions others have developed to deal with identical problems, to network and to discuss the occupancy rate and prices. To be brief, to discuss everything that concerns you in a pleasant round of like-minded colleagues.


Aurora Kellermann

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The contents of this event are expressly oriented around the questions of the participants. With this in mind, we ask you to state the topics most relevant to you and/or to provide us with specific questions upon registration for the event.