Jobs + Offers

Jobs + Offers

The Performing Arts Program Berlin is always looking for active support in the various fields of work and activities.


Current job offers:

Theaterscoutings Berlin of the Performing Arts Program offers potential new groups of audiences the opportunity to set off on voyages of discovery amongst Berlins independent venues, groups and production collectives and easily obtain an overview of the diverse offerings of Berlin's independent dance and theater communities.
Theater scouts are intended to create to a personal connection between the audience and the independent performing arts community.

Theaterscoutings Berlin is establishing a network of members of the independent theater and dance community to accompany groups of audience members as they attend productions and excite new audiences about Berlin's independent performing arts community. 

What does a theater scout do?

Theater scouts can become involved in the program in various ways.
A theater scout can be asked directly by the Theater Scoutings module or a performance venue to attend a specific production. A theater scout can also independently suggest, organize and implement formats. These formats can range from brief introductions to the production through moderated discussions with the artists to informal conversations at the theater's bar after the performance. New formats can always be suggested and developed. The formats should be able to finance themselves in the long-term (e.g. from contributions by the participants, the performance venues or additional funding sources). The Performing Arts Program is able to initially finance the beginning phase and conception of a form in coordination with the participating performance venues. 

How are the productions for the scouting formats selected?

The theater scouts can choose from various productions that are available for theater scoutings. In addition, the theater scouts can also suggest events for theater scoutings, develop new ideas for formats and implement them in collaboration with the Performing Arts Program and the performance venues. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for experts of various backgrounds: performers, directors, dramaturgs or producers who would like to talk about their work and the work of other members of the community. 

How can I participate?

You can apply to be a theater scout and participate in the program at any time. Simply send a short cover letter with your motivation and ideas for formats as well as your CV to: swetlana.gorich [at] (swetlana.gorich(at)

We will contact you with a suggestion for a meeting where we can discuss everything else.
You can find additional information about Theaterscoutings Berlin here on this page and at