Advisement - Addiction or Autonomy

Industry Get-Together
20. October 2022 | 15:00 -

Advisement - Addiction or Autonomy

With this ten-year anniversary of the Industry Get-Together, we are also looking back on 10 years of advisement practice in the Berlin Performing Arts Program: how has our advisement program and the advisement offered by other structures changed over the course of this time? What are our goals and how can we shape our advisement sessions with these in mind? What challenges arise when advice shared between colleagues becomes a professional service that is compensated for?

In a fishbowl format, we will consider these questions with colleagues form other information centers and experts with years of experience and talk about how we determine the advisement needs of the community and where we may create these ourselves. Over the course of the exchange, we will also reflect on ourselves: on the one hand, we are legitimized by a high demand, but on the other hand, we want to advise people to be autonomous. In the discussion revolving around addiction or autonomy in the advisement, we want to sketch out a vision for the advisement of tomorrow together.

With Sabrina Apitz (Kreativ Kultur Berlin), Sebastian Hoffmann (Touring Artists), Katharina von Wilcke (curator, production manager, advisor for PAP) and additional guests

Moderated by: Fatima Çalışkan and Christin Eckert (Berlin Performing Arts Program)

In German spoken language, it is also possible to ask questions in English