In and Out – On Spaces of Resistance and Empowerment

Industry Get-Together
Presentation & Discussion
20. October 2022 | 15:00 -
Theater Strahl am Ostkreuz, Marktstraße 9-12, 10317 Berlin

In and Out – On Spaces of Resistance and Empowerment

Racism is a structural problem and penetrates all spheres of society, including the arts as well. This is why people who have been affected by discrimination create their own spaces, be these physical locations or work groups, ensembles, et cetera in which their existential and aesthetic realities can come into focus. How are these spaces created and what significance does their existence have for those involved? What conditions do they exist under? In what scope and in what ways do these conditions influence their methods of working? In what relationship do they stand with other, primarily white spaces?

Following four brief keynote speeches about the construction of alternative spaces, the challenges associated with them as well as the opportunities, we will enter into conversation with the audience and open up the discussion. Alongside networking, the focus will be placed on specific knowledge transfer about possible strategies and tools.

With Saraya Gomis (Berlin’s State Secretary for Diversity and Anti-Discrimination), Jasmin Ibrahim (Theater X) and Barbara Santos (Kuringa)

Moderated by: Aidan Riebensahm (independent dramaturg and member of the Initiative for Solidarity in Theater)

In German and English spoken language