The Big Industry Get-Together Show

Industry Get-Together
21. October 2022 | 18:30 -
Theater Strahl am Ostkreuz, Marktstraße 9-12, 10317 Berlin

The Big Industry Get-Together Show

We are saying thank you! And we are dedicating the festive conclusion of the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community to everyone who has helped to conceive and realize the format over the last ten years, who have made space available and temporarily changed the way it is used, who explore the events and also, in part, sustained them.

Things will kick off with the format 3 Questions For with Berlin’s Senator for Culture, Dr. Klaus Lederer; what does the Berlin Performing Arts Program mean to him and what stories from the independent performing arts community does he have to share?

Together with our (surprise) guests, we will take a look forward and then a look backward: we would like to thank LAFT, PAP, PAF and all of the other many abbreviations for their untiring work and raise our drinks to many additional years full of inspiring presentations and informative workshops, flipcharts and moderation card, PowerPoint presentations and streaming technologies, heated debates and amusing anecdotes!

The musicians of the Sonic Quartett will provide musical interludes during the show.

With Janina Benduski (Berlin Performing Arts Program), Fatima Çalışkan (Berlin Performing Arts Program ), Dr. Klaus Lederer (Senator for Culture and Europe / Die Linke ), Anne Schneider (director and concept developer), Mey Seifan & Marianne Ramsay Sonneck (LAFT Berlin) and Sonic Quartett

In German spoken language, with interpretation into English spoken language