Couples Therapy: Theater – Audience

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7. October 2016 | 10:30
Neuköllner Oper, Karl-Marx-Straße 131/133, 12043 Berlin

Couples Therapy: Theater – Audience

Why do people go to the theater – or, why don’t they go to the theater? How can we work to attract from where they are right now? Do they perhaps want to act themselves instead of assuming the (at least perceived) passive role of the audience? And what do you we want to offer them? What do we want to ask them for? 

The relationship of artists to audience members will be investigated in this workshop with a special focus on the artistic format and the resulting interaction.

“Performance” – “live art” – “theater” – “actor” – “performer” – “interactive” and all of the other terms are all terms of art, every action is a performance. There is, however, one constant, which may be a straight line that can be followed through all of the semantics: the relationship between artist and audience – in this sense: couples therapy for the theater – audience. This process is intended to be consciously open from the very beginning in order to reach as many culture makers and arts enthusiasts as possible to participate in the process of discovering and defining terms.

This workshop has a limited number of participants. Please register to attend on the registration form.


Anaïs Héraud-Louisadat (Performancekünstlerin)
Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck (Club Real)