Mads Høbye/Nicolas Padfield: Interface Workshop

Industry Get-Together
Workshops & Seminars
9. October 2015 | 10:30
tak - Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg, Prinzenstraße 85 F, 10969 Berlin

Mads Høbye/Nicolas Padfield: Interface Workshop

The suggestion of holding an interface workshop during the Industry Get-Together developed over the course of the Industry Get-Together BarCamp at the 100° Festival 2015. 

What new technologies can be integrated usefully and gracefully in the performing arts? By which means can one be quickly empowered to adopt a new technology? What kinds of technology can be realized with the regular budgets within our community? 

With Mads Høbye and Nicolas Padfield, we have two very exciting researchers and artists from Denmark. They move seemingly effortlessly between the digital and analog worlds, have a deep understanding of the needs for robots and interface components that can work with human beings and have also developed a couple of the most exciting art projects that we have ever seen. Over the course of this approximately four-hour workshop, they will first offer a comprehensive, inspiring showcase of current projects in this field, followed by joint work on a performance-ready interface and will end with an individual and compact introduction to creative programming. 

No special prior knowledge is necessary (be sure to bring your curiosity), but Mads and Nicolas do ask the participants to bring a laptop with the program Processing already installed ( You can find more about the work of Nicolas and Mads here and here


Mads Høbye (FabLab RUC)
Nicolas Padfield (FabLab RUC)