Networks and Networking - European and International

Industry Get-Together
21. October 2022 | 14:00 -
Theater Strahl am Ostkreuz, Marktstraße 9-12, 10317 Berlin

Networks and Networking - European and International

Residencies and conferences, transfer of knowledge and advisement, work groups and funding for joint projects: alongside visibility for artistic work and the realization of one’s own activities, networks also provide for the continuity of work structures. But how exactly do these networks work? Who can take advantage of what opportunity and what networks are open for new members? And what network could serve as a role model for founding your own network?

Over the course of open table conversations, national and international performing arts networks will present themselves and provide information about their formation, the focus of their work and internal collaborations as well as regarding their accessibility and what they have to offer to members of the independent performing arts community.

With representatives of the networks LAPAS, European Theater Convention, NFT Netzwerk Freier Theater, PERSPEKTIV:WECHSEL, ITI International Theater Insitute, produktionsbande and additional guests

Moderated by: Catherine Launay & In-Sun Jung (Berlin Performing Arts Program)

In German and English spoken language