Objects and Power Structures

Industry Get-Together
10. November 2018 | 11:00
Theaterdiscounter, Klosterstraße 44, 10179 Berlin

Objects and Power Structures

In Cooperation with Schaubude Berlin / “Theater der Dinge” Festival

Ludomir Franczak and Mirko Winkel negotiate historical and current power structures in theater using objects and the biographies they refer to. Their work moves between object theater, documentary approaches and installation/performance. In their shared workshop, they exchange with the participants, beginning from their work, focusing on the specific opportunities for deconstructing existing power relationships as well as for dialogues about alternative forms of coexistence that are opened by using objects for storytelling purposes. Especially in times of great political tension and a splintering of society.


Ludomir Franczak (visual artist, performer & art activist, Poland)
Mirko Winkel (visual artist, director, Berlin)