Round-Table: Networks Between Cities and Regions

Industry Get-Together
9. November 2018 | 15:30
Theaterdiscounter, Klosterstraße 44, 10179 Berlin

Round-Table: Networks Between Cities and Regions

Where exactly is the border between city and country, between metropolises and regions? How can the schedules of programming from the cities be brought into the regions and how can productions travel from the countryside to the cites? What areas already overlap and what networks already exist? Which are lacking?

After two examples with short presentations from Prague and Lower Saxony, we are inviting artists from urban and rural areas to learn from each other, get to know each other and form new networks.

Felix Koch (Performing Arts Programm)

Martina von Bargen (LaFT Niedersachsen Niedersachsen)
Petr Pola (Nová siť, Prag)
Adriana Světlíková (Nová siť, Prag)