Separate Stages – Separate Feelings?

Industry Get-Together
Podium Discussion
20. October 2017 | 17:00
HAU3 Hebbel am Ufer, Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

Separate Stages – Separate Feelings?

Part 2: Immersive Theater as a Laboratory for Affective Dynamics? Topic 3: Get Involved!

The new productions “Emocracy” by Interrorbang, ”Das weisse Stottern” by Frl. Wunder AG as well as “Oratorium” by She She Pop do not only have formal similarities insofar as they all work toward the inclusion of the audience with participative strategies, they also all work with all of the neuralgic, emotionally charged contemporary phenomena of our society such as property, white supremacy or the media-supported politics of affects.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Umathum (HfS Berlin)

Sebastian Bark (She She Pop)
Dr. Nina Tecklenburg (Interrobang)
Verena Lobert (Frl.Wunder AG)
Marleen Wolter (Frl.Wunder AG)