WE’LL SEE WHEN WE SEE!? – Opening Radio Gala

Industry Get-Together
1. October 2020 | 19:00 -
Centre Français de Berlin, Kinosaal & On Air

WE’LL SEE WHEN WE SEE!? – Opening Radio Gala

Contributions in English and German

On this evening, with the Industry Get-Together of the Independent Performing Arts Community, the decentralized IETM network meeting as well as the PRALIN Staff Exchange, we are opening three of the largest networking events within the independent performing arts on multiple stages simultaneously — the cinema of Centre Français de Berlin as well as via a live radio stream to listeners at home as well as those out and about. All of this is enough reason to celebrate glamorously and put on a wild (but of course in line with the regulations) media performance – at least, that’s what Gob Squad and Tina Pfurr think, and they have made an artistically inspiring framework for us for this hybrid gala. Together, they will create a live event at the end of which everyone will wish they had stayed at home but will still have managed a three-part opening!

With contributions by: Dr. Klaus Lederer (Senator for Culture and Europe, Berlin), Ása Richardsdóttir (IETM Secretary General), Florian Fangmann (Centre Français de Berlin), Simone Willeit (Uferstudios Berlin), Janina Benduski (Berlin Performing Arts Program), Chang Nai Wen (LAFT Berlin), Jiří Sulženko (Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Prague), Adriana Světlíková (Nova sit / PRALIN, Czech republic).

Your hosts for the evening are Tina Pfurr (Ballhaus Ost, LAFT Berlin) with Sebastian Bark, Sean Patten and Simon Will (Gob Squad).