Alternative Funding Options

Information Center
29. June 2022 | 10:00 -
Spreefeld Berlin (Optionsraum 3), Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 14, 10179 Berlin

Alternative Funding Options

With Panni Néder (director, alumna of the PAP Mentoring Program)

Even with good funding applications, public funding does not always work out. What do you do then? Are there alternative funding opportunities? How does financing using crowd funding or sponsoring work? How can such a campaign be organized? Based upon her practical experiences and the project ideas of the participants, Panni Néder will provide insight into alternative financing opportunities and planning strategies. Together, the participants will discuss the project ideas they have brought with them to the workshop and explore alternative financing options. Exercises and mutual feedback are intended to provide support in adapting the project design to the specific alternatives and options. The participants are asked to please bring a laptop or other research and working tool with them as well as, if available, material about their project idea.

In German spoken language.

Please register by June 26 to:
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