Application Showcase (Not Just) For Beginners

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23. May 2023 | 16:00 -
TATWERK Berlin, Hasenheide 9 (Gewerbehof, 2. Hinterhof, Aufgang 1, 3. OG), 10967 Berlin

Application Showcase (Not Just) For Beginners

With Christoph Winkler (Company Christoph Winkler), Dennis Depta (glanz&krawall), Aurora Kellermann (TATWERK|Performative Forschung) and additional guests, moderated by: Christin Eckart

Again and again, newcomers arrive and pose us the question: what does a perfect, successful funding application actually look like? As it is rare to catch a glimpse of the applications of colleagues within the independent performing arts community, we have invited artists and independent groups to present their (successful) applications and talk about their experiences: what works well when writing an application? How do you present a project in a way that is both coherent as well as appealing? What are the dos and don’ts? And, very importantly: What was it, in your opinion, that gave the application you presented its success?

Following this, we invite everyone to stay to network and talk in the lobby of TATWERK: without any moderation or facilitation, this get-together provides space for conversations big and small about funding, applications, accounting and all of the other highlights that can be found in working independently. And, as is appropriate for a get-together, the evening also, of course, serves as an occasion to see old colleagues again as well as to get to know new partners.

It is also possible to register to attend this second part without taking part in the Application Showcase.

Please register by sending an email by May 16 to: beratung [at]