CHECK-UPS for #TakeThat: Funded! Congratulations! Now What?

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8. February 2021 | 12:00 -

CHECK-UPS for #TakeThat: Funded! Congratulations! Now What?

With the Agentur für fast Alles

Language: German, questions can also be asked in English.

Sometimes it’s the little questions whose answers can help you to move forward quickly! This Zoom room is open for burning questions related to funding provided by the #TakeThat program. Interested parties will be let into the Zoom room individually as soon as it is open. With this in mind, please be sure to bring some time and some patience with you.

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Meeting-ID: 952 2955 0926
Code: 377067


#TakeThat-Advisement Program

The project funded through the #TakeThat program has been approved, everyone is thrilled and there are still a lot of open questions: what must be absolutely taken into consideration when adjusting the cost plans and budget, setting up a project bank account and making changes to the project? How much flexibility is there? The Agentur für fast Alles (that is, the Agency for Nearly Everything) will provide insight into the most important things that have to be done and tell you how a number of mistakes can be avoided. It will provide support in getting started with the funded project in the form of Zoom Info Sessions, Zoom Checkups and a telephone hotline.


Made possible by BFDK German Association of Independent Performing Arts. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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February 25, 2021