In-Depth Session: Scenography and Ecological Sustainability

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1. June 2022 | 10:00 -

In-Depth Session: Scenography and Ecological Sustainability

With Ralph Zeger (set and costume designer, member of the board of Bund der Szenografen)

This workshop will be used to go into greater depth with the content introduced in the information event. In this event, each participant will be given the opportunity to present a project they have already realized or a current design that has not yet been realized. We will examine these together for ecological sustainability and update them, if necessary. In doing so, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of ecological sustainability as a firm part of the design process. A special focus will be placed on alleviating the unfounded fear of restrictions that are too large, of exploring the innovative aesthetic potential of a new, sustainable way of thinking and design and of experimenting with the creative options.

Please note: In order to take part in this event, you must have already participated in the Information Event on Sustainability on May 17, 2022.

Thematic series: Scenography and Ecological Sustainability. Opportunities and Challenges for Climate-Conscious Designing and Sustainable Production in Scenography 

Reducing our CO2 footprint and avoiding the climate catastrophe is perhaps the greatest challenge that humanity is confronted with. Scenographers and other members of the independent performing arts will also be forced to reconsider things: the knowledge surrounding sustainable design processes will certainly become part of basic knowledge in the near future. But is that possible, to design sustainably and to produce in an art form that is designed for a short lifespan? An art form that produces productions for a fix number of performances and then often throws away the stage elements afterward is a state of affairs that is not uncommon in the independent performing arts community as well. 
Both events (the information event and the in-depth session) will provide insight into this as well as provide the opportunity to reflect upon one’s own design process under aspects of sustainability and to elaborate the sustainable potential of designs. This workshop is intended primarily for scenographers that predominantly work within the independent performing arts community. The events are, of course, also open to other interested parties.

This thematic series has been created in collaboration with Bund der Szenografen e.V.
This event will take place in German spoken language.

Please sign up and register by May 10, 2022 to:beratung [at] ( beratung@)beratung [at] (