First Steps: Sustainable Production in the Performing Arts

Information Center
5. May 2023 | 14:00 -
K-Salon, Bergmannstraße 54, 10961 Berlin

First Steps: Sustainable Production in the Performing Arts

With Konstanze Grotkopp (costume design and set designer, transformation manager for sustainable culture)

This workshop is dedicated to the question of how the principles of ecologically sustainability can be applied to the practical side of production within the performing arts that will also ultimately lead to a social sustainability. To begin with, a brief insight into the foundations of business ecology will be provided before strategies for a sustainable method of production on stage and back stage are discussed. This begins with the artistic conceptualization and planning and included the drafting of the contracts, PR work and communication, contain considerations for sustainable touring and, last but not least, questions regarding the recycling of material at the end of the production. The goal of the workshop is to identify practical and results oriented opportunities for sustainable work in the performing arts and to discuss them. All of the participants are invited to discuss their experiences with each other.

This event will take place in German spoken language, questions and answers are also possible in English.

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