Getting Started: Part 2 – The Funding Landscape

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29. April 2022 | 10:00 -

Getting Started: Part 2 – The Funding Landscape

With Christin Eckart und Fatima Çalışkan (Berlin Performing Arts Program)

This workshop will provide an overview of the most important current funding opportunities: what funding instruments are offered by Berlin’s Senate Department for Culture and Europe and what foundations are relevant? What German federal and EU funding programs should be focused on? What do I have to bear in mind when getting started and where do I find which funding opportunity?

Getting Started: Performing Arts in Berlin
This three-part series in English spoken language offers basic knowledge for achieving an initial overview to get started working in Berlin’s independent performing arts community and is especially suitable for artists who have not yet worked in Germany and who would like to move the focus of their work to Berlin. As such, the series also provides an initial overview of the opportunities for developing ideas and projects, strategic positioning and planning as well as of both local and national funding tools, followed by information and conversations about making funding applications.

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