Getting Started as a Transnational Artist in Berlin

Information Center
20. March 2023 | 17:00 -
Korea Verband, Quitzowstr. 103, 10551 Berlin

Getting Started as a Transnational Artist in Berlin

With Inky Lee (performance, music and text)

How can you get your foot in the door in the independent performing arts community as an international artist? How does one deal with the challenges in freelance work, the bureaucracy and, last but not least, the stress that reorienting oneself within a new system can bring? How do you find access to funding opportunities when language presents an obstacle and where can you find support options when it comes to questions about visas, the KSK (Künstlersozialkasse, (the German public social insurance fund for artists) or other forms of insurance? Where can you find help when experiencing discrimination?

Our host Inky Lee will share their experiences as an international artist with a Korean background and welcome the participants with open round of exchange dealing with questions about getting started in Berlin. The participants are warmly invited to bring their most urgent questions, such as applications to the KSK or registering their freelance activity with them.

In English and Korean spoken language.

Register by March 13 to:
beratung [at]