I in We - Individual and Network Resources for Satisfactory Work in Collectives A Workshop for Women* PART 1/2

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29. October 2020 | 10:00 -

I in We - Individual and Network Resources for Satisfactory Work in Collectives A Workshop for Women* PART 1/2

Workshop with Janne Harnischfeger (psychologist) and Esther Vorwerk (theater maker)

Language: German, questions can also be asked in English
Access: This event will take place online, access to it will be provided upon registration.
Please note: 2 dates. The number of participants is limited.

How do we want to work? What structures do we need in order to flourish and express ourselves artistically as best as possible? How can we create these ourselves and communicate our needs and limits to the outside world? As female artist working in the independent performing arts community, we are all too familiar with the collision of artistic visions, conflicts in work groups and the personal challenges of everyday life. For women working within a patriarchal system, these conflicts are often intensified and made more complicated.

This workshop will use the “forced break” of the recent months that we have all experienced to create a shared space for an exchange of experiences. Approaching from two directions, one artistic and the other based in psychology and experience, we will come closer to the emotional and practical challenges that women are confronted within in the independent performing arts community.

We will conduct exercises to experiment and get to know each other better.

In the first part of the workshop, Esther Vorwerk will combine body-oriented, scenic approaches to specific memories/experiences of working in the independent performing arts community. This will result in opportunities to discuss the needs that can arise over the course of exchanges.

In the second part of the workshop, methods will be learned with Janne Harnischfeger that present a comprehensive image of one’s own personal and professional resources and which provide an overview of one’s own network of social contacts. A special form of a one-on-one conversation will help to specifically formulate and set a goal. In order to connect both phases within the group, we will lead the entire workshop together. By registering, you are committing to participating on both days of the workshop.


* (Women* = our goal is to integrate intersexual, queer and transsexual perspectives. If you feel excluded or discriminated against, please let us know. We are committed to learning and improving ourselves.)


In order to attend, please send an email by October 23, 2020, at the latest, to: beratung [at] pap-berlin.de ().

At the moment this biography is only available in German. The English version will follow soon.
For any questions, please contact: beratung(at)pap-berlin.de

Janne Harnischfeger was born in 1983 in Hamburg and is a certified psychologist with a specialization in clinical psychology and psychology in the workplace. She worked in the area of group processes in the field of research, advisement and continuing education. A passion for theater and dance and for working with performing artists led her to initiate a performance program at Fusion Festival which she has presented each year there ever since. She moved from Hamburg to Berlin in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 she spent two years working as a psychology teacher at a school of education. She began additional training as a psychotherapist using a depth psychology approach in 2015. She worked as a group therapist at an outpatient clinic in 2017. She has conducted psychoanalytical treatments within the scope of her further education as a psychotherapist.

She has worked as an advisor in the Performing Arts Program since 2015 with a focus on the self-clarification of individual goals as well as the specification of artistic ideas. She also provides support for the mentoring programs.


Christin Eckart

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Further Dates:

October 31: 10:30 am to 2:30 pm