Info Event for #takeplace #takenote and #takepart

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Information Event
11. November 2020 | 17:00 -

Info Event for #takeplace #takenote and #takepart

With Janina Benduski (PAP Berlin)

Language: German, questions can also be asked in English.
Access: This event will take place online, access to it will be provided upon registration.

In this information event, we will cover the most important information regarding the programs #takeplace, #takenote and #takepart from Fonds Darstellende Künste and initial questions can be discussed in the group. The programs are intended both for artists who already have experience with writing funding applications as well as those who are apply for federal funds for the first time.


Christin Eckart

christin.eckart [at]

Fatima Çalışkan

fatima.caliskan [at]

Registration: beratung [at] ()