Partners in Crime – or: Communication Strategies for Partners in Art and Production

Information Center
19. April 2023 | 11:00 -
Spreefeld, Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 12, 14 und 10, 10179 Berlin

Partners in Crime – or: Communication Strategies for Partners in Art and Production

With Max Reiniger and Patrick Kohn (working group for institutional aesthetic research and practice)

Art is lovely, but it sure is a lot of work. Anyone who produces art within the independent performing arts community is, alongside the development of their actual project, also necessarily confronted with a huge number of organizational forms, everything from funding structures to the tax office. Ideally, you will have a production manager at your side who will take care of all of the organizational matters - but what tasks are these, actually? Also within the team of artistic director and production manager, the golden rule is: communication is key. What do we expect from each other? What does each person what to bring into the project and take care, and what do they especially want to avoid? How do I define my position in the project and what has to be discussed and (contractually) specified? Or, to put it another way: where does the organizational work stop and where does the artistic work begin? Can the two things actually be separated so clearly? In the workshop, strategies will be communicated for finding your own role and ensuring that the internal communication is clear and unambiguous.

This workshop is intended for newcomers who see themselves in the positions of the artistic director and/or organizational management and would like to question and shape their own practice in the long-term or within the scope of a current project.

The Event will take place in German spoken language, questions and answers are also possible in English.

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