Motherhood in the Arts – Between Fulfillment and Burnout

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3. November 2022 | 16:00 -

Motherhood in the Arts – Between Fulfillment and Burnout

With Christin Endter (author, curator, coach)

This workshop is primarily intended for female artists with children who work as freelancers. In the first part of the event, tips and strategies will be shared which support both artistic practice as well as mental health. The participants will learn methods for better time management and for self-care, for example, techniques that can be used to make better decisions and to set boundaries. The goal in doing so is to achieve greater clarity and focus through reflection and organization. Following this, a second section provides the opportunity to share: Who organizes themselves in which ways? Who is helped by what in times of mental and physical overloads? What experiences exist in terms of the compatibility of motherhood and art and what does one’s own artistic practice need?

In German spoken language.

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