An Overview of Funding Tools – What’s Coming Up?

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10. January 2024 | 11:00 -

An Overview of Funding Tools – What’s Coming Up?

With Christin Eckart (the Berlin Performing Arts Program)

This event will provide an overview of the most important funding opportunities for the coming months: What funding programs offered by Berlin’s Senate and its districts are currently accepting applications? What funding programs on the German federal level and on the EU level could be of interest now and what is the current state of things when it comes to stipends and residencies? We will provide a quick overview of the topic and answer the most urgent questions regarding the funding tools with deadlines approaching at the start of the year 2024.

In German spoken language, it is possible to ask questions and make comments using English spoken language and French spoken language.

Please register by January 3 to:
beratung [at]