Performing Arts Program: Information and a Round of Exchange About the Projects of LAFT Berlin

Information Event
24. March 2021 | 10:00 -

Performing Arts Program: Information and a Round of Exchange About the Projects of LAFT Berlin

The past year has fundamentally changed the independent performing arts and shaken them to their foundations. The LAFT Berlin Performing Arts Program also had to change all of its plans as of March 13, 2020. Since then, new events for providing orientation and information in these times have been created continuously, alternative digital and hybrid formats have been developed, some projects have been pushed back while others have been moved forward. The Performing Arts Program has never had so many people take part in its events as it did in the year 2020.
Now we would like to share our current projects and plans with you, dare to take a look into the future and enter into conversation. After all, we also want to know what was missing, what was good, what we can do better and what the community itself wishes for the future of the program. To do so, we are very pleased to warmly invite everyone who is interested to attend the following event:


Schedule of Events

10:00 am to 12:00 pm: Welcome | An Overview of PAP and PAF
With: Janina Benduski, Caroline Galvis & Julian Kamphausen (Berlin Performing Arts Program) as well as Rico Wagner & Anna Wille (Berlin Performing Arts Festival)
In the past year, the projects of LAFT Berlin have continuously created new events and opportunities, developed alternative digital and hybrid formats, delayed some projects while bring other projects forward. Now we would like to share our current projects and plans with you, dare to take a look into the future and enter into conversation.
12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Lunch Break
2:00 pm to 3:15 pm
Round 1 of Work Groups
#1 Cultural Communication & Audience Research

With: Dr. Lena Blessing (TUSCH Berlin), Nathalie Frank, Swetlana Gorich & Juliane Wieland (Berlin Performing Arts Program),
With Dr. Lena Blessing from TUSCH Theater und Schule Berlin, we will discuss cooperations between theaters and schools: what does an actual cooperation project look like and what kinds of experiences do they provide? Drawing upon our own experiences, we will also speak about digital and analog exchange formats for audience members as well as newly created places for exchange and public spaces.
#2 A Round of Exchange About Digital Producing
With: Caroline Galvis & Florian Hohnhorst (Berlin Performing Arts Program)
We invite you to take part in an open round of exchange on the topic of (international) digital producing. In preparation for the symposium that will be held in June, requests for topics as well as needs will be collected and discussed, for example, the topics of taxes, copyright, privacy or getting started with (international) digital producing. We look forward to an inspiring round of exchange and requests for topics from the community!
#3 Information & A Round of Exchange About PROSA (Project for the Creation of Artistic Working Spaces)
With: Aurora Kellermann (Performing Arts Program) and Max Dengler (PROSA)
PROSA is a project of the Berlin Coalition of the Independent Arts and part of the Berlin Senate’s new initiative Kultur Räume Berlin. The goal is the creation and safeguarding of appropriate artistic working spaces for artists of all genres working in Berlin. We will introduce the project and are looking forward to an intense exchange, hearing about your needs and receiving your suggestions.
3:15 to 3:45 pm
Coffee Break
3:45 pm to 5:00 pm
Round 2 of Work Groups
#1 Advisement in the Crisis?

With: Fatima Çalışkan, Christin Eckart, Urszula Heuwinkel, Aurora Kellermann, Linde Nadiani (Berlin Performing Arts Program)
The advisement structures of PAP Berlin, the Information Center and the Mentoring Program, #performingsafety and the Guides to the Independent Arts Community project, are asking themselves: how has our work changed over the past year? What can we learn from it, which practices do we want to take with us from it? What is missing the most? What needs have arisen on the parts of the advisers and those seeking advice? Together with all of you, we would like to enter into conversation and discuss the possibilities, opportunities and perspectives for advisement in these years of crisis.
# 2 A Round of Exchange on the Cultural Journalism Symposium
With: Georg Kasch (cultural journalist), Julian Kamphausen (Berlin Performing Arts Program)
Together with the cultural journalist Georg Kasch, the Performing Arts Program is planning a symposium on the topic of cultural journalism and the independent performing arts for July/August 2021. In exchanges with people working in both fields, we would like to further develop questions on the topic and ask about what is needed in the field.
The event will be concluded from the respective work groups.     ­
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