Salon Digital – Lost and Found: Partners for Projects

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12. November 2020 | 18:00 -

Salon Digital – Lost and Found: Partners for Projects

Host: Elisa Müller (Institut für Widerstand im Postfordismus)

Language: German, questions can also be asked in English.
Access: This event will take place online, access to it will be provided upon registration.

Who hasn't been in this situation before? We’re searching urgently for a dramaturg or stage design for the next project and, despite multiple calls throughout our networks, still haven’t found anyone. We’re looking for jobs and projects, have the time and desire to collaborate in a performance project, but neither posts or mass mails have managed to bring anything together yet. 

It is exactly for cases like these that the Digital Salon now exists: projects can be presented here, collaborators can be searched for and projects can be found. The only requirement is that you have an actual project as participants or can present a specific project which can still be in the planning stage.

When registering for the event, please also briefly tell us: what kind of project or profession and/or position are you looking for? We look forward to a friendly event with you!


At the moment this biography is only available in German. The English version will follow soon.
For any questions, please contact: beratung(at)


For questions and assistance with the registration process, feel free to email beratung [at]
Due to high demand, it may take a few days to respond.


Registration till November 5: beratung [at]