Shaping and Changing – Information Event on Anti-Discrimination Struggles in Art and Culture

Information Event
16. June 2020 | 16:00 -

Shaping and Changing – Information Event on Anti-Discrimination Struggles in Art and Culture

How can structures be created in the art and culture sector in which people can really work safely while being protected against discrimination? What prevention and sensitization measures are urgently necessary? What strategies exist for fighting against structural discrimination? What points of contact, information centers or networks exist?
Divided into two online formats, representatives of trust centers, advisement centers, initiatives and networks, representatives coming from artistic praxis as well as scientific experts provide insight into their work and expertise. The events will be documented and an overview of the initiatives and projects previously presented will be summarized in the form of a reader.


Schedule of Events June 16, 2020

4:00 pm: Introductory Greetings and Schedule
4:15 pm: Short presentation by Stefanie Wiens (Platz da!) Accessibility in Digital Space

4:30 pm: Presentation and status reports of the initiatives:
glokal e.V. – machtkritische Bildung und Beratung: glokal e.V. is a Berlin-based association dedicated to providing educational work and advisement that is critical of power and has been working to advance the political education of young people and adults since 2006.
Making A Difference: Making A Difference is dedicated to empowering a self-confident and visible community of dancers, choreographers and performers with so-called disabilities to change Berlin’s dance community.
Antidiskriminierungsnetzwerk Berlin des Türkischen Bundes in Berlin-Brandenburg: The Berlin Antidiscrimination Network of the Turkish Association in Berlin-Brandenburg. The goals and purposes of the ADNB of the TBB include the promotion of equal treatment, the raising of awareness of the general public as well as the advisement and support of those affected by discrimination.
5:00 pm: Moderated Round of Questions


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