Symposium Day 2: Between Participation, Money and Solidarity – the Future of Cultural Journalism in Dialogue with the Independent Performing Arts Community

Culture Journalism
31. August 2022 | 11:00 -
Silent Green, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Symposium Day 2: Between Participation, Money and Solidarity – the Future of Cultural Journalism in Dialogue with the Independent Performing Arts Community

2-day symposium on August 30 and August 31, 2022

With Georg Kasch (cultural journalist), Sarah Stührenberg and Belén Marinato (PAP Berlin)

The field of cultural journalism is in upheaval. This is precisely why, in August 2021 in the symposium Between Scathing Reviews and Marketing: the Future of Cultural Journalism in Dialogue with the Independent Performing Arts Community, we asked what makes cultural journalism important in a time where, on the one hand, the cultural section of newspapers and thus the economic basis of many cultural journalists is shrinking and, on the other, the exchange about art is being shifted to other channels. We discussed which partners cultural journalism needs, which partnerships could help, what distinction from PR and influencers are important but also what the dialogue with the independent performing arts community could look like as one of the groups most affected by the disappearance of reporting.

One year later, we want to build upon these questions: how do things look in terms of solidarity - within cultural journalism and within the entire cultural sector? Who do we make theater and journalism for? Who is this “we? Who has the opportunities to produce, who is excluded and for what reasons? Are new cultural journalistic formats necessary in order to portray the theatrical developments and create new points of access?

On the second day, these questions are meant to be explored in greater depth in workshops: what financing models exist? What does barrier-free cultural journalism look like? How is it possible to get started working in the field today under more difficult conditions? How can social media be used for (self-) marketing?

This event will take place in German spoken language. If needed, personal simultaneous interpretation into English can be provided for individual formats. A translation into German sign language will not be provided. The premises are either located at ground level or are accessible via a platform elevator.
If you need a personal simultaneous interpretation into English and/or have an urgent need for childcare, we ask you to please let us know by July 20, 2022 by sending an email to: kulturjournalismus [at]

Shedule of Events – DAY 2

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

10:00 am
Accreditation & Coffee


11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Workshop A Financing Models

With Dorothea Marcus (independent cultural journalist, in, amongst others, Deutschlandfunk, WDR, Theater heute,, kritik-gestalten)

Together we will reflect upon the possibilities of solidary financing models, collect new approaches and established concepts, learn about the implications of micropayments, foundations, tip formats, subscrition models and advertising. In doing so, we are asking ourselves the question: what can stay, what has to be created anew?

Workshop B More Accessible (Cultural) Journalism
With Judyta Smykowski (cultural journalist in, amongst others, taz, Die Neue Norm,

What does it mean to write or publish in an accessible or even barrier-free manner? How do I avoid the reproduction of clichés? How do I communicate at eye level? What should I bear in mind when publishing? This workshop is intended for cultural journalists as well as for those working in press and PR.

2:00 pm
Lunch Break


3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Workshop C Artistic (Re)presentation On and Through Social Media

With Evelyn Hriberšek (XR artist, director, futurist - @evelyn.hribersek)

Note: This workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 participants. Early registration is recommended.

How do I present my content on social media? This workshop for newcomers to social media presents the advantages and disadvantages of the digital (re)presentation of one’s own artistic work (and role) on the basis of a selection of the standard platforms. Using the example of Instagram, usage scenarios, narrative and self-marketing strategies as well as possible pitfalls will be illuminated: why do stories and reels often work better than posts? What is the best way to link to my content? How do I attract attention without falling out of my role? How does this work with legal as well as digital-ethical components? And why is all of this called “social”? 

Workshop D Getting Started Working in the Field of Cultural Journalism
With Georg Kasch (cultural journalist in, amongst others,
Getting started working in the field of cultural journalism is harder than in other areas of culture as well as journalism. How do you get started and get your first texts published? And how do you earn enough money doing this that you are able to live from it without having to work as a waiter on the side?


6:00 pm Round of Feedback and End of the Event

Shedule of Events DAY 1

Please register by August 26, 2022: kulturjournalismus [at]