Symposium: Thinking Digital Distribution

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16. June 2021 | 10:30 -

Symposium: Thinking Digital Distribution

Individual presentations are available as a live audio stream:

To the Audio Livestream: Impulse presentations and roundtable discussion (11:00 am - 1:00 pm).

Video: The Potential of Digital Fair Events for the Performing Arts (With Gilles Doré, CINARS Montreal).


For well over a year, the work of the independent performing arts community has primarily been focused on digital space: productions have been adapted for the internet, streamed live from stages, newly developed as genuine online formats or have been realized in hybrid forms. The independent performing arts community has proven once again in this exceptional situation how impressively flexible and able to adapt it is - not least of all because experimentation with new formats and techniques have always played an important role in this community. And, even if the first steps toward reopening are currently taking place, we can still clearly see that the move to the digital is, at least in parts, a permanent one and that the development there will continue to accompany us along with all of the associated potentials and challenges.

What does this shift in focus now mean for the distribution of digital work, for digital touring or other models of realization and dissemination? What do companies, producers, independent performance venues and artists have to keep in mind when work on the internet is presented by different presenters? What copyright questions will they be confronted with? What new (and old) tax questions will come up? What does it mean that productions can be presented much more easily in digital form than in analog form at international festivals and that international collaborations can begin to be taken for granted without expensive travel? How do we find the right partners and presentation venues for digital and hybrid projects? And what exactly does compensation and payment for digital presentations look like?

The symposium Thinking Digitally About Distribution will dedicate itself to these and other questions in a series of discussions and workshops, invites (inter)national experts to share the knowledge they have gained during the pandemic and offers the first opportunity to exchange face to face in a long, long, long time – live in and around the Centre Français de Berlin!


Important Information For Registration:
The majority of the programming will take place as a live event at the Centre Français de Berlin - in order to participate, a same-day negative COVID-19 quick test result with corresponding certification is mandatory. A list of the nearest test stations will be provided upon registration.

The event will be multilingually, taking place in both in German and English. More information about the program and translation of the formats will be made available soon.

We ask for a binding registration until June 11 to fachtag2021 [at] The detailed hygiene concept for on-site participation will be provided after registration.

The workshops A and B are  purely digital and you can participate using your own end device both from the Centre Français de Berlin as well as from another location. If you plan on only participating digitally without physically attending the symposium, we also ask for registration by June 11 to fachtag2021 [at], specifying the preferred workshop.

Individual presentations are also available as live audio streams at

Schedule of Events

10:30 am: Registration & Coffee

11:00 am: Official Welcome & Presentation of the Schedule of Events (German)
With Caroline Galvis, Florian Hohnhorst (Berlin Performing Arts Program), Julia Cozic (Centre Français de Berlin, invited) and Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck (LAFT Berlin e.V.)

Short Presentations
Booking Digital Guest Performances from a Producing Perspective (German, live on site & audio stream)
With Lisa Gehring (Independent Producer)
The Potential of Digital Fair Events for the Performing Arts (English, live on site & audio stream)
With Gilles Doré, CINARS Webs
Guest Performance Exchanges from the Perspective of a Network Company (German, live on site & audio stream)
With Michael Müller (Netzwerk freier Theater/ TD Berlin)

Discussion on the Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Distribution/Production
(German, live on site & audio stream)
With Caroline Farke (andcompany&Co), Michael Müller (TD Berlin/ Netzwerk freier Theater), Lisa Gehring (Independent Producer), Falk Rößler (FUX)
Moderation: Max Gadow (vT corp.)

1:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm: Activities and Plans of the Berlin Performing Arts Program & Parallel Workshops
Workshop A (Online): Self-Marketing for Digital Festival Visits (English)
With Katie Queen (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
Workshop B: (Online) Strategies for (Digital) Fair & Conference Visits (English)
With Gilles Doré (CINARS Web)
Workshop C: International & Digital Taxes (German)
With Sebastian Hoffmann (Touring Artists)
Workshop D: Copyright on the Internet (German)
With attorney Fabian Rack (iRights)
Workshop E / Open Discussion: Digital Fees (German / English)
With Caroline Farke (andcompany&Co)

4:30 pm: Keynote (English, video on site & stream)
With Andrea Paciotto (CultureHub)

5:00 pm: Closing Reception with Drinks

Registration until June 11:
fachtag2021 [at]