Thematic Series: Working In A Collective II - Of “I” and “You” and “We”

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2. June 2023 | 10:00 -

Thematic Series: Working In A Collective II - Of “I” and “You” and “We”

With Eva Hartmann (coach, producer, manager)

Working in a collective is generally very nice, but sometimes also quite stressful, time-consuming and challenging. In order that the shared work does not fall apart due to allegedly small things, we will take a look at these challenges in a thematic series. The events can be attended independently from each other. In the second workshop in this series, we will examine those moments where the domestic bliss is all but gone and the collective is no longer working as unanimously as desired. How do I deal with conflicts as part of a team? Which management and solution strategies can one appropriate as an individual and agree to within a group? How does loyalty work in the group – solidarity at any price or what is the breaking point?

In German spoken language, it is possible to ask questions and make comments using English spoken language

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