Workshop on Face Filters: “My Face?! What Can I Do with It?” (working title)

Workshops & Seminars
2. March 2022 | 12:00

Workshop on Face Filters: “My Face?! What Can I Do with It?” (working title)

The face: nothing is digitally manipulated more regularly, and yet it also serves as a login for more and more electronic devices. FaceApp is one of the most used apps in the world. Every day, Instagram produces hundreds of millions of digitally filtered facial images. The altered face is an enormous market and influences the life of countless human beings. There are tools that empower human beings to create and publish face filters themselves. These applications are closely related to the use of masks and mask masking; that is, they are actually quite close to the core competence of performing artists. In this workshop, participants who already have basic digital knowledge (and who have ideally already worked with graphic programs) will learn how to design, program and publish their own face filters.

Requirements for participation in the workshop are:

  • laptop or computer with good internet connection
  • headphones
  • the possibility to install extra software (Spark AR) on your computer – after registration you will receive an e-mail with installation instructions

Hongwei Tang (Creative Coder, AR Art Director)