Writing Workshop #3: Press Releases - How Do I Make It into the Newspaper?

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19. November 2020 | 11:00 -

Writing Workshop #3: Press Releases - How Do I Make It into the Newspaper?

With Georg Kasch (Kulturjournalist)

How do I make readers curious? And how do I do so in the media? How do I attract the greatest possible attention in social media with a small amount of space? How do I write reflections on artistic work emotionally while at the same time retaining clarity? What belongs in an interview and what does not?
The two-day writing workshops led by the cultural journalist Georg Kasch (a member of the editorial team of nachkritik.de) are intended for artists, the staff of institutions, writers and other members of the independent arts community. The goal is the communication of the foundations regarding the conception of texts. Each edition of the workshop is dedicated to a specific genre of text – from initial announcement texts to press releases and in-depth, content-based articles for program booklets to social storytelling with strategies. On the basis of specific text samples written by the participants, Georg Kasch will teach some tricks of the trade and provide some helpful tips about cultural journalism.

Writing Wrokshop #3

Press Releases: How Do I Make It into the Newspaper?
November 19 & 20, 2020, 11:00 am to 16:00 pm

How do I reach representatives of the media? How do I write texts in such a manner that a press release does not give away too much or too little?

For the Writing Workshop # 3 "Press Releases: How Do I Make It into the Newspaper?“ all places are already taken. Information on how to register for Writing Workshop # 4 will be published shortly on our website and in the LAFT Berlin newsletter.

All participants will be asked to provide a sample text of maximum one page in advance – the deadline for this is November 12, 2020.



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