Mentoring Program “Newcomers” 2013 – 2023

Mentoring Program “Newcomers” 2013 – 2023

Target Group: Newcomers to Berlin’s independent performing arts community

The mentoring program is intended for newcomers of all ages who are planning to begin working within the independent performing arts community in Berlin. Within each Group, ten mentees will benefit from the experience of their mentors, who will provide them with intense support in individual coaching sessions over the course of 1.5 years.

The mentoring program "Newcomers" includes:

  • Supervision and recurring individual coaching sessions by experienced mentors over a period of 1.5 years
  • Two workshops on various topics with focuses including concept and strategy planning, financing of projects, submitting funding applications, PR work, et cetera.
  • Additional support from the coordinators of the Mentoring Program
  • Access to a high-quality and open network for the independent performing arts community as well as regular networking meetings
  • Access to the additional offers of the Performing Arts Program

Mentors and mentees 2018

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Renen Itzhaki is an artist in the crossing fields of performance art, dance, text and video. He is holding a BA degree in Dance, Context and Choreography from the Interuniversity Center for Dance (HZT Berlin) and works as a freelance choreographer in Berlin’s dance scene. 
His works are characterized with strong theatricality and a conceptual approach, reflecting on topics which are delicate and sensible. As examples: the group piece SENSITIVE SKIN (2018) dealt with tickling as a manifestation of sensitivity and as a potential choreographic tool, as to “The Fourth Unity” (2017), where he dealt with the duplication of the ‘self’ in space. His installation works are mainly research-based, conceptual and focus on art making and institutional critique. There, Itzhaki tends to blur definitions of genre, creating a multi-disciplinary space where the audience are active.
His pieces were shown in different venues in Germany, Israel, Finland, The Netherlands, Denmark and Brazil. Besides his work as a maker, he worked in artistic collaborations with Jeremy Shaw (Venice Biennale 2017), Lia Rodrigues (Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro), Boris Nikitin (Gessneralle, Zurich) as well as Berlin based artists such as Julian Weber, Lee Méir and Dafna Maimon among others. Together with the choreographer Cécile Bally he is part of the ‘showbiz’ duo Celina and Renana.

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Juli Reinartz works as a choreographer between Stockholm and Berlin. In 2013, she received a residence at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm and researched concert formats there. The pieces created there, We Are Not In This Together YetAtlantic and Really Good Music were presented at MDT, Kiasma, Block Box Teater, the Reykjavic Dance Festival, Anti-Festival, WASP, Nordic House Torschavn, MUU Gallery and Ufer Studios. Her collaboration with the theater director Nora Schlocker premiered at Deutsches Theater Berlin and was invited to the 2015 Theatertreffen festival. She is currently working on the solo piece You Said You’d Give It To Me -  Soon As You Were Free which will premiere in September 2016 at MDT Stockholm.

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Katja Sonnemann was born in Frankfurt/Main in 1971 and completed her studies in applied theater studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen in 1996. During and following her studies, she worked as an assistant director to Heiner Goebbels in Paris, organized various student festivals, became the tour manager for Sasha Waltz & Guests in 1998 and began coordinating the administrative office of the artistic leadership of Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz (Thomas Ostermeier/Sasha Waltz) at the beginning of 1999.  She started in 1999 as a staff member and then became the director of the artistic administration office at the Schaubühne. She began working as a freelance production manager and tour manager in 2002 for (Constanza Macras and a wide variety of other artists). She was the director of artistic production of the 2005 Theater der Welt festival in Stuttgart (under the artistic leadership of Marie Zimmermann), was the chief scheduler at Maxim Gorki Theater from 2006 to 2009 (during Armin Petra’s tenure as artistic director) and worked with Rimini Protokoll as an independent producer from 2010-2012. She has worked as the company manager of andcompany&Co. Since 2012 and has been part of the agency Wilson*Borles Arts Management, which is one of the three agencies working under a framework agreement for the German Federal Cultural Foundation, since 2013. In 2017, she initiated and created AKADEMIE für Performing Arts Producer des Bündnisses International Produktionhäuser e.V. (academy for performing arts producers within the alliance of international production venues) which is implemented for the first time in 2018. She is a mentor and advisor in the independent performing arts community.

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Mentors and mentees 2017

Curator and dramaturg working in the performing arts. 
Heike Albrecht was the program dramaturg at LOFFT Leipzig from 1999 – 2002, curated the festival formats Westend 04 Maybe the sky is green and we are just colorblind and Westend 05 know your rights as the program director and curated the 2006 Tanznacht Berlin at the Akademie der Künste with the festival Tanz made in Berlin. She was the artistic and managing director of Sophiensaele from 2007 to 2010. After this, she directed the program As we speak - Zukünftige Sprachen as curator for the Goethe-Institut within the scope of the European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012. She worked as program director and dramaturg for the theater festival FAVORITEN 2012. In 2014, she was the artistic director of the 8th Tanznacht Berlin at Uferstudios and in collaboration with Galerie Ebensperger.
She regularly works as a mentor at the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin of the Berlin University of the Arts and works as a dramaturg and jury member with a concentration in the performing arts and contemporary dance.
Born in Potsdam, she initially studied education in Potsdam, worked as a special education teacher until 1992 and studied performing arts at Moving On Center – School for Participatory Arts and Research in Oakland, California (USA).
Positions as a jury member: 2001 jury for the National Performance Network. 2007 – 2009 jury member for the dance grant offered by the Berlin Senate‘s Department of Culture. 2010 advisor in the field of theater for the National Performance Network. 2009 – 2011 member of the artistic advisory committee of the Goethe-Institut Jury member for the 2013 Augbenblick Mal! festival for young audiences. 2015 jury member for BESTOFFSTYRIA. 2012 and 2016 jury member for the dance grant awarded by CAA - Contemporary Arts Alliance Berlin. 2014 – 2016 member of the curatorial team of Fonds Darstellende Künste.  2017 – 2019 jury member for the Landesverband Freie Theater Brandenburg e.V. (Brandenburg State Association for the Independent Performing Arts).

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Miram Jakob is a performer and choreographer from Berlin whose work is focused on the intersection between scholarship and fiction. Anthropological questions are transformed into poetic material through performative practice. Her solo Friday 1.23.15 [sic] “as usual, sorry that I do not always…” (2012), won the 2013 jury prize of the 100° Berlin festival organized by HAU and Sophiensaele and was performed internationally. She received funding in 2014 from the Berlin Senate for her ensemble piece Traveling to the Four Corners of the Earth.
She is currently working together with the dancer Varinia Canto Vila on the interdisciplinary project In the Shadow of Man for which she received a research grant from the Berlin Senate as well as project funding from the district of Pankow.
She collaborates with other artists as a performer, actor and choreographer, has already worked on multiple productions with deufert&plishke and her teaching work focuses on the intersection between theater and ethnography.

Anna Bergel worked as a dancer at a variety of theater before studying theater studies, cultural studies and journalism at the University of Leipzig.
She has worked as an artistic production manager and dramaturg for many different theater and dance companies since 2005, including, amongst others, Reinhild Hoffmann, Constanza Macras I Dorkypark, Jo Fabian Department, Penelope Wehrli, 400asa and Michael Laub / Remote Control Productions and with a variety of theaters, including HAU, Sophiensaele, Ballhaus OST, the Berlin Academy of Arts and the Berlin University of the Arts.
She has been a member of the performing arts faculty at the Berlin University of the Arts since 2007.

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Janne Nora Kummer is a director, performer and stage designer. She studied at the Art Academy in Berlin Weißensee and at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts. She also completed a guest semester at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen in dance and choreography and in the department of art and media at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her work deals with the linking of new media and performance art and conducts research into the effects of technology and the internet on the individual and society. In addition, she deals with drafts of digital identities and the production and reproduction of old and new gender models. Her work has been seen at Maxim Gorki Theater, the Dockville Festival, Hallo Festspielen Hamburg, the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, the Berlin Staatsoper and Ballhaus Ost. She is an alumna of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. She has worked as a freelance director, performer and stage designer in Berlin since October of 2016 and is a permanent member of the artist collective virtuellestheater|berlin.

Alice Chauchat studied at Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse in Lyon and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. She founded the collective B.D.C. (1999 - 2001) together with Thomas Plischke, Martin Nachbar and Hendrik Laevens.  This was followed by solo projects, cooperation projects with, amongst others, Anne Juren, Alix Eynaudi and Frédéric Gies, as well as artistic assistantships, dance projects (e.g. with Alix Eynaudi, Jennifer Lacey, Mårten Spångberg, Juan Dominguez, Xavier Le Roy), writing phases as well as teaching and mentoring work. She was the codirector of Les Laboratories d'Aubervilliers from 2010 to 2012. From 2013 to 2017, she coordinated the research project Teachback together with Jennifer Lacey at ImPulsTanz Vienna. Additional choreographic projects supporting the production of knowledge and exchange in the performing arts are the open source Internet platform, the collective Praticable and nobody's business. Alice has an appointment as a guest professor at HZT Berlin from 2017 to 2019 and is writing a doctoral these on the topic of relational subjectivity in dance at the University of Gießen.

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Emmilou Rößling was born in Berlin in 1991 and initially studied dancer and theater in London and Dublin. She completed her MA in choreography and performance at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Gießen in 2017. She is a recipient of a grant from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and received the DanceWEB grant of the 2017 ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna. Emmilou has developed her own work since 2013 that deals with various forms of representation and perception of bodies and objects and searches for a performance mode beyond that of the spectacular.
Emmilou has worked in a variety of constellations and roles with Antonia Baehr, Valérie Castan, Monica Duncan, Romuald Krezel, Ivana Müller and Quast&Knoblich, amongst others.

Elisa Müller studied acting and theater studies. She founded the performance label müller***** in 2008, under her direction, sixteen productions in collaboration with artists and scholars have been realized, amongst others in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost Berlin, LOFFT.Leipzig, Fleetstreet Hamburg, LICHTHOF Hamburg, Sophiensæle Berlin, Theaterdiscounter Berlin, Vierte Welt Berlin, FKT Bochum and FFT Düsseldorf. Work in preparation in 2017 includes: Faktionen, made possible a grant from ecce NRW as well as Lebenslieder, funded by Stiftung EVZ. Recent work includes Desertiern at FWT Köln, Rottstr5/KUNSTHALLEN Bochum and Vierte Welt Berlin (premiere in March 2016). She has worked under the label Institut für Widerstand in Postfordismus since 2014, creating the works, amongst others, Forschen am Widerstand im Postfordismus Work in Progress, a multi-part series between performance and discourse at Vierten Welt Berlin and Welche Revolution(en) werden wir erlebt haben werden? Intervention for "Art in Resistance“ at the 2015 SPIELART festival. She also won the PAP Berlin Marketing Competition with the concept Revolutionsautomaten für Kreuzberg. Her work Formen der Trauer – ein transdiziplinäres Forschungslabor zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft premiered at Theaterdiscounter Berlin in 2014 She has regularly worked with young people since 2013, including the project In Frage gestellt in 2013 and 2014, a project with the Hermann-Hesse Schule Kreuzberg and Vierten Welt Berlin and is currently working on Club Dada with the Schillergymnasium in 2016 and 2017. She researched theater at Ballsaal Bonn in July and August of 2014 during a one-month residence resulting in eine Frage der Ehrgefühls – Widerstand im Postfordismus during flausen + - young artists in residence. She has also taught regularly since 2013, included at the Berlin University of the Arts in the visual arts and performing arts departments. She has been a board member of LAFT – Landesverband freie darstellende Künste Berlin e.V and a member of the circle of speakers of the Berlin Coalition of the Independent Arts since 2011. She has served as a member Rat für die Künste Berlin (Berlin's artist advisory council) since 2016.

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Anne Hoffmann was born in 1983 in Saarbrücken and studied acting at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Academy for Music and Theater in Leipzig.
Even during her first season as a member of the ensemble in Darmstadt, she pursued experimental performance with the interdisciplinary format Läd Naid Surpries in addition to classical acting.
The collaboration with the artist group die REDNER, with Gernot Grünewald, Marco Storman, Maria Ursprung, Ron Zimmering took her to Theater Osnabrück, Lichthof Hamburg, Maxim Gorki Theater, the European Parliament in Brussels, Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Staatsoper Stuttgart and the National Theatre in Windhoek, Namibia, amongst other locations.
With Innenwelten oder der Pudel in Dir, her group HOFFLAND were seen at Sophiensaele, Kaltstart Festival Hamburg, Spielstark Festival Saarbrücken and Kulturgut Metzelthin.
In 2015, she received the early career funding grant from the Berlin Senate and developed Pol Pots Lächeln oder Recherchen zum guten Glauben with Ruth Messing, which had its premiere at Theaterdiscounter.
While working on her own projects, Anne Hoffmann is usually everything in one: concept developer, researcher, producer, dramaturg and performer. The work she develops always has a personal starting point and focuses on the interface between the documentary form and fiction.

Haiko Pfost was born in 1972, trained as a business management assistant, studied theater studies, religious studies and cultural studies, as well as psychology at the Free University of Berlin and Humboldt University in Berlin. He served as the assistant to artistic director Tom Stromberg at Deutschen Schauspielhaus in Hamburg from 2001 to 2002 and, amongst other projects, worked on the initiation of projects with Rimini Protokoll at the airport in Braunschweig and with Barbara Weber (2005 impulse prize for RAF unplugged). He served as assistant to the artistic director and as dramaturg for the Theaterformen festival in Braunschweig and Hannover from 2003 to 2004. He was the curator and director of the opening event of Projekt Volkspalast, the cultural temporary usage of the Palace of the Republic in Berlin. He worked on a variety of EU projects in 2005, including a project with Roma from six European countries as well as the schedule of programming and dramaturgy for Projekt Volkspalast – DER BERG at the Palace of the Republic in Berlin. In 2006, he realized the projects Writing Acts and Campshow Steiermark – a roadshow throughout the entire state of Styria in Austria for the steirischer herbst festival in Graz as well as working as project manager for the Schwarzmarkt für nutzliches Wissen und Nicht-Wissen (black market for useful knowledge and not-knowing) within the scope of the opening of the German Dance Congress. He served as the program dramaturg for the International Schiller Days in Mannheim in 2007 and 2009. Together with Thomas Frank, he served as artistic director and managing director of brut – Koproduktionshaus Wien GmbH from 2007 to 2013, and, amongst many projects, realized the projects x-Wohnungen Vienna and Up to nature – a performance project in the Vienna forest. brut received the Nestroy special prize in 2009 for “best schedule of programming”. He was a member of the jury for the Politics in Independent Theater festival on the topic of “strange” in Dresden in 2010 and 2011. He continued and completed his studies between September of 2013 and May of 2015. Since 2014, he has worked on independent projects, as a dramaturg, teacher and advisor, including leading the three-day workshop and development program The Autonomous Actor (2015 – 2017) for Freie Theater in Finland, working as co-director, dramaturg and stage designer for Reigen – The Making of a Postporn Schnitzler at Werk X Wien in Vienna and, together with Barbara Weber, THE MAKING OF SUCCESS for Mainfesta 11 and Theaterspektakel in Zurich.

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Grande Giro was founded in 2013 by Lea Lechler, Valentina Bianda and Daniele Bianco. The artistic exchange which led to the founding of the company began in 2011. After completing their studies at Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lea Lechler and Daniele Bianco began collaborating artistically.  Valentina Bianda, a graduate of Europäischen Theaterinstituts Berlin, joined the team in 2013.
The current artistic identity of Grande Giros ultimately comes from the different careers and experiences of the three members, who contribute a variety of concentrations, such as physical theater, dance, acting and dramaturgy, forming a diverse artistic collective. The special nature of this company rests in its decision to see every piece as a unique, independent universe that requires its very own approach. Every production provides the opportunity for collaboration with a variety of artists, such as musicians, video artists, choreographers or performers.
The Europäische Theaterinstitut Berlin has functioned as a regular cooperation partner since 2014. 

The dancer and choreographer Isabelle Schad studied classical dance in Stuttgart and danced for a variety of choreographers before she began initiating her own projects in 1999. The central focuses of her research are, amonst others:  the body and its materiality; the relationship between body, (re)presentation, form and experience; practice as a learning process; community; political engagement. Her work is positioned at the interface between dance, performance and visual art and has been presented internationally. She has co-initiated multiple projects/groups which seek opportunities to link various type of research and practice and the production methods are scrutinized by the participants. She has taught around the world in a wide variety of formats. She is part of the association Wiesen55 e.V., located in the Wieseburg-Halle, which is her favorite place to work.

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Was born in Berlin in 1977, studied directing at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna and is the founder of the theater label internil. He has realized independent theater projects under this name in Vienna, Leipzig and Berlin since 2005. He experiments with a variety of compositions of documentary material, new media and performance. In addition, he works independently as a video artist, offers presentations and workshops on the aesthetic of radical Internet propaganda and has received numerous literary publications. He has received grants, prizes and residencies for his work. To learn more, please visit:

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Felix Roadkill is a performance artist and art organizer and lives in Berlin. Since the completion of his studies in cultural studies and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim, the focus of his work has been placed both on the performative properties of pain, murder and death as well as the tensions within the field of political performance art. Roadkill finds it necessary to translate current cases of brutal violence, contempt and fear into artistic images in order to challenge collective ignorance and, in the best case, to overcome societal trauma. In his attempts to come to terms with the phenomena of nationalist-conservative and EU-sceptic developments in Europe, he continually poses the question of how politically effective art can ultimately be and how speaking about artistic experiences creates new knowledge and new self-confidence.
Felix Roadkill was born in Saxony in 1989 and has worked for film, theater and performance productions in a variety of cultural institutions both within Germany and abroad since 2008. His work has been presented internationally, including such festivals as RIAP Biennale (Québec), Intl. Performance Art Weekend (Warsaw), Intl. Performance Art Weekend (Berlin), FITUC Intl. Theatre Festival (Casablanca), Ilka Theurich's atelier: performance (Hannover) and LAPSody Intl. Performance Art Festival (Helsinki).

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Léna Szirmay-Kalos (*1988) is a Berlin-based independent dramaturge, publicist and curator from Hungary. She studied Cultural Studies and Business Administration at Humbolt Universität zu Berlin, History and the Culture of Science at the Technical University of Berlin, Curating in Performing Arts at Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg and Curatorial Practice at Kunst, Musik und Design University (KMD) Bergen, Norway. She works as an independent dramaturge and makes events on the intersection of the visual and performing arts. She is co-founder of the MMpraxis collective and the artistic director of the performance series Montag Modus. This takes place since 2015 every two months and investigates, with the participation of the audience, the interplay between different artistic forms of expression within the performing arts. In addition, she has been involved in the programing of the Art Spin Berlin festival since 2016. This is an interactive art and bicycle tour that leads through creative locations, specific installations as well as performative events in a variety of neighborhoods in Berlin.

Christoph Winkler is one of the most diverse choreographers in Germany. His work covers a broad spectrum of formats and ranges from very personal to very political topics. With his work, he is always able to find topics that are completely within his art form but also refer to discourses that are currently taking place in society. He was born in Torgau in the former East Germany and won multiple Spartakiad competitions in weightlifting and judo as a youth and trained in martial arts and break dancing before beginning his training at Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin. He danced in video productions for MTV, worked as a bodyguard and on construction sites.
After completing his studies in choreography at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts Berlin, he founded Klangkrieg Produktionen, a platform for experimental music. In 1998, he began working as a freelance choreographer in Berlin.

In 2007, he founded the agency BERLIN GOGOS together with ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro in order to bring contemporary dance to the free market in a commercial manner with the goal of thematizing its economic situation. 

Current work includes: 
In 2014, Das Wahre Gesicht won the FAUST prize of the Deutsche Bühnenverein in the category of “Best Choreography”. This was the first time that a dance production produced completely outside of the infrastructure of institutionally-funded ensemble theaters won this prize. In the spring of 2015 came the premiere of the very personal solo La Fille – Portrait eines Kindes with Emma Daniel in which Christoph Winkel reflected upon his relationship with his own daughter, followed by Golden Stars on Blue, about the idea of community and the symbolism of Europe. 2016 brought a series of pieces under the collective title Studies on Postcolonialism, brief choreographies that illuminated the dominance of white people in a genre celebrated for its internationality. One of his productions once again won a FAUST prize in 2016 when Aloalii Tapu was named “Best Dancer” for the solo Urban Sou Café2. He was also the initiator and curator of The Witch Dance Project together with Franziska Werner/Sophiensaele. He premiered five new works within in three months in 2017, including an ensemble work, two new solos and his first piece for young audiences, along with his first collaboration with the Catnus Domus Chor.

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Fidan Sirin was born in Turkey in 1989 and moved to Germany with her family as an asylum seeker in 1998. She began using dance as a form of expression at a young age to liberate herself from the stereotypes placed upon her as a woman or immigrant. She began dancing in the urban dance community and later changed her focus to improvisation and dance theater. She has worked as a freelance artist for over five years and has directed numerous dance projects for young amateur dancers in Berlin. She organizes international dance exchanges and dance events and is the artistic director of the German-Cuban dance festival HaBer. With her high levels of artistic demands for stage technology and design, she breaks subversively with all stereotypes that portray the hip-hop community as a male-dominated domain as well as with the image of powerlessness and passivity that women with a Turkish-Kurdish background are often ascribed by society. She also uses her art to question prevailing cultural and gender-specific images, habits and expectations within her family and community as well.

Mentors and mentees 2016

Canan Erek was born in Istanbul and came to Germany in 1987 to study dancing for the stage at the Folkswang Academy in Essen. Choreography studies at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin followed from 1992-1996.

Following this, she focused exclusively on her own choreographic work and has realized numerous productions in Berlin. She has worked for the Sydney Opera, the Hans Otto Theater in Potsdam, the Leipziger Tanztheater, the Berliner Ensemble and the Berlin Philharmonic (education program), amongst others, as a guest choreographer.
Alongside her artistic activities, she worked as the chair of the board for Zeitgenössichen Tanz Berlin e.V. for successful lobbying for dance in cultural policy since 2012. 

Her artistic work includes the series TANZSALON for ZTB e.V. and a new dance festival for young audiences in Berlin that will begin in 2017.


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Wicki Bernhardt works as a performance artist, dramaturg and teacher in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. She studied music and movement at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance as well as applied theater studies at Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. 

Wicki Bernhardt develops performances that explore the space between traditional theater, participative installation and public action. She questions the exclusive character of the independent theater and dance community as well as the homogeneity of the audience and is increasingly interested in formats intended both for young audiences as well as audiences of mixed ages. In doing so, the following questions drive her: Is there, in fact, any difference in artistic work for young audiences? Is the institutional establishment of children’s and youth theater as its own genre beneficial for the artistic work and does it promote quality? Or does it promote the pedagogization of theater? What could formats for a young audience that do not follow any specific pedagogical mission be? 

Wicki Bernhardt is active in several artist collective and works with Janna Pinsker, Tümay K?l?nçel and Olivia Hyunsin Kim, amongst others. She is a fellow of the international research residency Next Generation Workspace 2016/2017 in cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the festival Starke Stücke in Frankfurt am Main.


Uwe Gössel. Dramaturg, writer and independent theater maker in Berlin. 

Deputy chair of Dramaturgischen Gesellschaft e.V. He has realized projects at Deutsches Theater/Junges DT and Stadttheater Reykjavik.

He served as the director of the International Forum of the Theatertreffen festival of the Berliner Festspiele from 2006 to 2014 and led the Berliner Festspiele lab Moderne Proben (Modern Rehearsals) in 2013. He was a dramaturg at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin from 2002 to 2004 and a theater dramaturg at Volkstheater Rostock from 1999 to 2002. He studied cultural studies and aesthetic practice at the University of Hildesheim. Degree: Certificate in cultural studies. His work as a theater writer is represented by the Hartmann & Stauffacher Verlag. He has served as a jury member for the Theatertreffen of acting schools, the Favoriten festival in North Rhine-Western Palatinate and the Kleist-Förderpreis. He has led theater workshops Japan, Togo, Ukraine and Tunisia, amongst other locations. He has been published in Deutsche Bühne and numerous other places.


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Yael Sherill studied within the interdisciplinary program in art at the University of Tel Aviv and performance design as well as artistic practice at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design at the University of the Arts London. She trained as a stage and costume design under the guidance of the renowned Israeli designer Rakefet Levi and has worked as a stage and costume designer on numerous projects – from large-scale productions to projects within the independent performing arts community to music videos. She directs and produces projects that respectively feature a focus on choreography, text, interactive and collaborative strategies as well as site-specific perspectives. These projects combine artistic practices and research with a focus on performances in public space and urban interventions. Yael co-founded B_Tour in 2013 and has served as one of its artistic directors since then. B_Tour is a platform for transdisciplinary tours in urban spaces. In addition, she regular makes presentations, participates in conferences and holds artistic residencies as well as present academic and artistic work in Germany and abroad. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Fanni Halmburger was born in 1971 in Stuttgart and lives in Berlin. From 1991 to 1994 she was educated as a nurse at St. Gertrauden Hospital in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. From 1994 to 1999 she worked as a hospital nurse and in out-patient care. Parallel to these activities she began her career as an “off”-filmmaker. In 1999 she joined She She Pop as a video artist and stage designer. Since 2003 she is a core, performing member of the group. She is also a founder of the Landesverbands freie darstellende Künste (LAFT) in Berlin.


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Arnita Jaunsubrena studied cultural sociology at Cultural Acaemdy of Latvia and applied theater studies in Gießen. Alongside her own productions in the fields of performance and installation, she works as a dramaturg and stage and costume designer for other artists and collectives. She is also a member of the group Eliza Rescue Team. She has lived in Berlin since 2015.

Eva Hartmann has been an accredited relational dynamics 1st coach since 2013 and is a freelance dramaturg, manager and producer based in Berlin.

She holds a Master’s in theater studies and completed her thesis on Josephy Beuys and his actions. She has worked at the Ruhr International Theater Academy in Bochum, the performance festival reich & berühmt, she has collaborated with various artists, has provided management, production management and dramaturgy for the German/English artist collective Gob Squad ( since 2002, was a member of the board of LAFT Berlin from 2009-2010 and has lectured at various universities and cultural organizations. 

She finds herself increasingly interested in the manners and ways in which we live together, communicate and work and in finding the most reasonable means of doing so.


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Miriam Kongstad is an artist based in Berlin and Copenhagen. In her work, she frequently uses a socio-anthropological approach as a way to research and examine the context she operates within. She attempts to scrutinize the everyday through personal observations and reflections thus using herself as a guinea pig in her artistic games.

She approaches her work as a tool for decoding and recoding and is interested in bridging several art forms and mediums within her artistic practice.

She will graduate from the Berlin Inter-University Centre for Dance in 2016 (BA in dance, context, choreography).

Raisa Kröger received her training as a contemporary dancer for the stage at the dance academy balance1 in Berlin. Following this, she completed further studies in choreography at Tanzfabrik Berlin with Christoph Winkler, Toula Limnaios and Jess Curtis.  She then expanded upon the knowledge she gained there through various workshops with Isabelle Schad, German Jauregui,, Ehud Darash, Stépahne Fratti, Regine Chopinot, Boris Charmatz, Martin Nachbar/Jeroen Peeters, Eva Karczag and Gill Clarke. 

She has worked since 2005 as an independent dancer with various artists including  Rafal Dziemidok, Jasmin Ihrac, Viktoria Hauke/Chris Lechner, Jo Fabian, the wee dance company/the dance company of the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Görlitz-Zittau, Henrik Kaalund, Martin Stiefermann/Staatsoper Berlin, Ilona Pászthy, Isabelle Schad, Özlem Alkis and Friederike Plafki. She has presented her own work in Berlin, Heidelberg, Dortmund, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. She has created pieces together with the dancer/choreographer Florian Bücking under the label bücking&kröger since 2014. 

Alongside her work as a choreographer and dance, she is part of the collaboratively working studio Deck3, studied cultural studies (philosophy and literary studies) at FernUni Hagen and completed a further education in body mind centering and performance with Sarah Menger. Together with Cilgia Gadola and Christophe Knoch, she has run the production management office M.i.C.A. since 2013.


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Marta Hincapie is Choreographer, Performer, Dance Curator, Risk-taker. She studied Dance at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen with Pina Bausch. She founded the German-Colombian group Periferic Berlin/Bogotá, obtained the Prize of the Audience at the 100° Berlin Festival and was nominated for the national dance prize in Colombia. She got the Einstiegsförderung and the Tanzstipendium from the Berliner Senat. She is artistic director of the Iberoamerican Festival Plataforma Berlin and curator for the Dance Biennale in Cali, Colombia.

Dr. Peggy Mädler was born in Dresden in 1976, studied theater studies, education and cultural studies in Berlin and earned her doctorate in cultural studies in 2008. She works as a freelance writer, dramaturg and director both for ensemble theaters as well as independent performance groups (including Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, Stadttheater Heilbronn, She She Pop and is a co-founding of the artist collective: Labor für kontrafaktisches Denken, with whom she realizes theatrical installations (including Wer(s) glaubt, wird selig, Sophiensaele 2013). She served as a founding board member of LAFT Berlin from 2007-2009. She writes for newspapers and radio and her first novel was published in 2011: Legende vom Glück des Menschen (Galiani-Verlag, Berlin). Amongst other awards, she received a dissertation grant from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the literature grant from Künstlerdorf Schöppingen, the Alfred Döblin grant of the Academy of Arts and a grant to support her work from the Berlin Senate. As an instructor, she teaches at Bundesakademie für kulturelle Bildung Wolfenbüttel, the University of Hildesheim and LISUM Berlin-Brandenburg, amongst others.

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Panni Néder studied directing at the University for Theater and Film Budapest. During her studies, she spent two years interning at the largest theater in Budapest, where her thesis project is still being performed five-and-a-half years later. She moved to Berlin in 2011 and served as a directing intern multiple times at Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz on productions directed by Thomas Ostermeier and Alvis Hermanis. She studied directing as a DAAD guest student at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts from 2014 to 2015. After completing her studies, she was worked as a freelance director in Berlin. Her production Aschenmutter was presented at HAU1 as part of the 2014 100° Berlin festival. 

She has a passionate interest for the working process within theater groups, the discovery of different layers within biographical theater and the use of striking visual images and autobiographical stories in theater. When she works in Hungary, she relishes participating in various movements and actions. The protest campaigns against the current policies of the right-wing conservative government are very important to her.

Johannes Müller was born in 1978 in Aachen and, after briefly studying physics, studied within the directing program of the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. During his studies, he directed within the K.O. projects of Komische Oper Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Ballhaus Ost (Frauenliebe, Inc.) and for Oper Dynamo West (Der Teufel in Frau Jones).

In 2010, he directed Cheap Blood (199) for Sophiensaele Berlin, the secret service project Intrigo Internazionale Kv 492for Bavarian State Opera in Munich/Radial System V Berlin and Telemondial for Oper Dynamo West.  These were followed by One Day More/ExtravaganzaOpération Spirituelle [RPM 45] and Herculanum, also for Sophiensaele Berlin. In 2014, he was involved in Retrospectre by Phantom/Ghost and Cosima von Bonin at Haus der Berliner Festspiele / Kampnagel Hamburg.  In 2015, he worked together with Philine Rinnert on the project Reading Salomé in Berlin and Hamburg.

As a founding member of Oper Dynamo West, he was involved in the group productions Fort_Führung (Bahnhof Zoo), vom schweben (Deutsche Oper Berlin), Cario! Shanghai! Bombay! At ZOB, and Telemondial.

His presentation Attempts to Overcome Gravity (T.D.) has been invited to the Wunder der Prärie festival in Mannheim and to the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. Film work: Kunst-Axt (2010), Stürmt den Pallast (2010), Das Grosse Glück(2015).


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Daniel Sauermilch is a playwright from Brooklyn, New York. His plays have been developed at Second Stage, The SUNY Potsdam Arts Festival, PTP/NYC, The Kennedy Center, The Boston Theater Marathon, The Lab at English Theatre Berlin, and Living Room Productions in Berlin, Germany. His work has also won the John Cauble Short Play Award and been a semi-finalist for the Princess Grace Award. He began writing as a part of the Manhattan Theatre Club’s Write Now program, taught by David Auburn and Chris Ceraso. He currently lives in Berlin and most recently worked on copy & waste’s, Knick Knack to the Future | Ruckzuck in die Zukunft, and Who ya gonna call? Schlossbusters! B.A., Middlebury College and King’s College London.

Tina Pfurr was born in 1980 and spent multiple semesters studying German Studies and philosophy at the Berlin University of Technology.

Alongside work as an actor, performer and speaker with Paul Plamper, Zé Zelso, Phil Collins (the artist) and Gob Squad, amongst others, she also developed her own performances. She has traveled around the world with her dance karaoke performance copy&dance since 2014. 

She has worked regularly with René Pollesch at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin since 2001. As a freelance production manager for theater, film, radio plays and other formats, she has worked since 2003 for agentur kriwomasow, vorschlag:hammer, Paul Plamper, Helene Hegemann and Zintel & Zybowski at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin, schauspielhannover, Theater Magdeburg and Ballhaus Ost Berlin, amongst others.

She has worked regularly in film and television since 2002. She is a member of the performance collectives torstrasse-intim and taheter unkst.

Tina Pfurr lives and works in Berlin. She has served as the artistic director of Ballhaus Ost, together with Daniel Schrader, in Berlin since 2011. 

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The artistic collective Sanierte Altbauten was founded in 2013 by Sarah Kindermann and Eva Hintermaier in Hildesheim. Their interest lies in negotiating aspects or socio-political or cultural history phenomena over the course of multiple works in different formats or aesthetics.  In this manner, they create theater performances, spatial and video installations, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. Sarah Kindermann and Eva Hintermaier are part of the Contemporary Intimacy Movement.

Elena Polzer was born in 1978. She holds a Master’s degree in Japanese Studies, non-European anthropology and cultural studies obtained in Berlin. Master’s thesis project: the translation of Hijikata Tatsumis From Being Jealous of a Dog’s Vein. Since 2001, she has been professionally active in the independent performing arts community as a trilingual producer and translator for various artists, festivals and institutions, including the political Japanese physical theater group Gekidan Kaitaisha, the “Nijinsky of Butoh” Akira Kasai, the US-American choreographer Ami Garmon, the contemporary Berlin choreographer Christoph Winkler and for various events and festivals at the House of World Cultures, Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Podewil, Kampnagel, Tanznacht Berlin 2002-2004, the 2005 Tanz im August festival and the Brazilian dance festival brasil move berlin in 2009 and 2001. She volunteered as a board member of ztberlin e.V. – Dachverband zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin from 2005 to 2009. 

She co-founded the independent cultural services company ehrliche arbeit in 2006 as a platform for the independent performing arts community of Berlin and beyond. This collective with ten members combines concept and project development with project management or production management, press and PR work, dramaturgy as well as text and translation work. Elena Polzer also has two children and enjoys crocheting. 

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Mira Lina Simon studied dramatics with focus on dance, French and German literature at Ludwigs-Maximilian-University of Munich, Germany and dance at University Sophia Antipolis in Nice, France.

Since 2012 she works within the independent dance scene in the field of communication and production for various projects, festivals, dance companies and choreographers such as: Anna Konjetzky (2012), Sasha Waltz & Guests (2013/14/15/16), far° festival des arts vivants Nyon (2014/15/16), tobias draeger & co (2015), Ian Kaler (2015), Jo Parkes (2016), Capturing Dance (2016). For Sasha Waltz & Guests she was in charge of the administration and communication of the European fundig programme “Cultural Ambassador of the European Union 2013” from April 2013 to April 2014. 

In September 2014 she founded tanzmobil productions together with Sarah Blumenfeld, a freelance dance producer in Vienna. Since then she is conducting the project tanzmobil – a project to support production managers in dance.


Juli Reinartz works as a choreographer between Stockholm and Berlin. In 2013, she received a residence at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm and researched concert formats there. The pieces created there, We Are Not In This Together YetAtlantic and Really Good Music were presented at MDT, Kiasma, Block Box Teater, the Reykjavic Dance Festival, Anti-Festival, WASP, Nordic House Torschavn, MUU Gallery and Ufer Studios. Her collaboration with the theater director Nora Schlocker premiered at Deutsches Theater Berlin and was invited to the 2015 Theatertreffen festival. She is currently working on the solo piece You Said You’d Give It To Me -  Soon As You Were Free which will premiere in September 2016 at MDT Stockholm.

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Sandhya Daemgen is a performer and choreographer and lives in Berlin. She is interested in ideas that explore that multidimensional reality of everyday life, especially through the use of music and new forms of personal and societal interaction. Her pieces include: Alter Ego (Uferstudios), The Listening-Party-Experiment (Uferstudios, KuLe), Is It My Body? (Theatre du Fil de l'Eau in Paris) and Age of Beyond (Uferstudios, ada Studio). She has worked closely with Tino Sehgal since 2011 and has performed for Ari Benjamin Meyers, Alexandra Pirici, Kareth Schaffer, Julian Weber and Arcade Fire, amongst others. She holds a degree in cultural theory from Wesleyan University as well as a degree in dance, context and choreography from the Berlin Inter-University Centre for Dance of the Berlin University of the Arts.

Mentors and mentees 2015

Nicola Hümpel - In 1998, the director Nicola Hümpel and the set designer Oliver Proske founded NICO AND THE NAVIGATORS at the Bauhaus Dessau. As resident artists at Berlins Sophiensæle between the years of 1999 and 2005 they developed a production series with the title Menschenbilder. The visually powerful performances brought a string of successful staging’s and established them on the global theatre landscape. Wo Du nicht bist was next, marking their beginning in Musical Theatre. Performances followed based on the works of G.F. Handel, J.S. Bach and G.A. Rossini. 2012 the premiere of Mahlermania was performed at the Deutsche Oper for the opening of their new stage, the “Tischlerei”. The premiere of their latest production, an interpretation of Die Befristeten by Elias Canetti, was collaborated with the composer Detlev Glanert produced by the Residenztheater München and performed in the Cuvillie?s-Theater at the Munich Biennale in May of 2014.
Nico and the Navigators’ productions are to be found on stages worldwide ranging from festivals, theatres and opera houses. With over 200 guest performances including the Opera Comique in Paris, the Opera Dijon, the Opera Rouen, the Wiener Festwochen, the Grand Theatre de Luxembourg or the Bregenzer Festspiele. Next to her work with the ensemble N. Hümpel is teaching in different Acting schools like the Otto Falckenberg Schule and the August Everding-Schule in Munich.

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Michael is born 1980 in Jerusalem, Israel. He is a dancer, performer and choreographer living in Berlin. 

After completing his studies in Interaction Design in Stockholm, Sweden, he turned to the field of dance, studying Dance, Improvisation and Performance with Lilo Stahl, Bernd Ka and others at TIP Bewegungs-art, Freiburg, Germany. Since his graduation he has continued his study and practice mostly in Berlin with teachers such as Julyen Hamilton, Rosalind Crisp, Minako Seki, Sten Rudstrom und Al Wunder. He has also studies voice with Anette Goeres and Ulrike Sowodniok. 

Michael has danced for choreographers such as Modjgan Hashemian, Angelika Ächter and Julian Weber, and in Ensemble-Improvisations with a.o. Andrew Wass, Julyen Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. With his solo "Glorious George the Jewish Gargoyle he won in 2013 the first prize at the Gdansk solo contest. In the same year he received a dancer- scholarship from the Cultural Administration of Berlin. Michael's work is rooted in improvisation. It emerges from his experience in the fields of Contact Improvisation, Action Theater and both Solo- and Ensemble Improvisation. Key elements are movement, voice, language and interactions with objects.


Claudia Feest works as a Coordinator and Curator for Dance and Performance, Networking and Concept Development for Culture Projects and Projects for Cultural Training
Coordinator and Curator for Dance and Performance; Degree in Biology; Breath and Movement Educator and Therapist; former dancer and choreographer; Co-founder of Tanzfabrik Berlin – Center for Contemporary Dance and its Artistic Director till end of 2003. Initiator and, till 2004, Artistic Director and Curator of TanzNacht Berlin and Tanz made in Berlin – Forum for Contemporary Dance. 1999 to 2003 Member of the Council for the Arts Berlin (Rat für die Künste Berlin); Founding Member, Dachverband Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. (ztb); from 2003 to 2007 second Chair of the Association for Dance Research (Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung/GTF). Since March 2006, Co-founder and Member of the Board of Dance Germany – Continuous Conference for Dance (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland - Ständige Konferenz Tanz e.V. (DTD) and Director of AG Tanz(Aus)Bildung. Educator and researcher in basic Breath/Movement Training and Body Awareness. Teaching position and post-graduate studies in dance (TanzKultur) at the University of Bern, Switzerland and at the College for Music and Performance Art (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst/HfMDK) in Frankfurt on the Main, as well as freelance Breath and Movement Trainer operating both in Germany and abroad. 2006/2007 Coordinator for Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, Berlin for the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin – Pilotprojekt Tanzplan Berlin. 2009 – 2011 Project Direction and Concept for cultural training program Dance Time – Time for Dance in Schools (TanzZeit – Zeit für Tanz in Schulen). Since 2007 Judge for dance, performance art and cultural education in Berlin, North Rhine-Westfalia and at the federal level.

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Kareth Schaffer (1987, USA/NL), is a choreographer and performer who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In her pieces Kareth investigates how dance and the stage can point to places beyond themselves, critically examining the conditions under which art is produced and how women are perceived on the stage. Her choreographic work includes a very short dance piece, As Easy As 1, 2, 3; the possibly 186th solo version of Sacre du Printemps; a quartet called Closer to Us Than We Are to Ourselves; and the conceptual mudwrestling tournament Mudwrestling for Meg. Kareth is a founding member of the choreography collective temporary archipelago with Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, and Claudia Tomasi, and (co-)initiator of the cultural-political initiative The Artist's Pledge. She has worked with and for dance artists such as deuffert&plischke, Alexandre Achour, Martin Hansen, Nestor Garcia Diaz, and Kyla Kegler. She regularly appears as a performer in the visual arts context for Tino Sehgal, Christian Falsnaes, and Yvon Chabrowski.

Sven Holm develops various formats of experimental music theater, especially the Berlin opera company he co-founded, NOVOFLOT. Following his own versions of Ernst Krenek's Glockenturm and Tommaso Traetta's Antigona, 10 contemporary operas that have received world premieres in co-productions with Hamburgische Staatsoper, the festival Ultraschall Berlin, Sophiensæle, Théatre National du Luxembourg, the festival Warschauer Herbst and Trafó in Budapest as part of the opera sage Kommander Kobayashi. Following the three-part project Was Wir Fühlen at Sophiensæle in Berlin, Novoflot presented a scenic installation of Bach's Christmas Oratorio as well as Offenbach's Parisian Life at Radialsystem. This was followed by The Castle, adapted from Franz Kakfa, at Haus der Berliner Festspiele and in 2013 NOVOFLOT produced the futuristic opera Der Sieg über die Sonne in co-production with Hamburger Bahnhof, Akademie der Künste, Radialsystem and Volksbühen am Rosa Luxemburg Platz. The T-House-Tour was created between September 2014 and January 2015 in co-production with Radialsystem, Volksbühne and Akademie der Künste. Alongside the projects with NOVOFLOT, Sven Holm directs productions at many instutitions, including Staatsoper Hannover, Staatsoper Stuttgart, Oper Kiel, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee Zürich, Theater Heidelberg and Bayerische Staatsoper, where the project Wagnerin was created within the framework of the Munich Opera Festival. He is a lecturer and guest professor at the Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin. NOVOFLOT was awarded the George Tabori Prize in 2014.


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Eva Nina Lampic, born in 1985 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Graduated as a Theatre Director at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (Slovenia) in 2011. Afterwards she worked as a freelancer and collaborated with Maska Ljubljana, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and was a one-time guest director back at the Academy. In 2013 she completed an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sheffield (Great Britain). While in Sheffield, she collaborated with Tim Etchells on a video project Be Stone No More - A Tabletop Shakespeare. Next year she was interning for a few months at The Wooster Group in New York City. In 2014 she was a director of a devised performance I am not at Theatre Glej, and of a performance consisting of six improvisations But this has nothing to do with Proust at Biteater, both in Ljubljana. She is interested in the exploration of imagination, language and time, in the form of playing as a way of improvising, and also in the potentiality and impossibility within a theatrical context.

Andrea Zagorski studied Performing arts and German literature in Berlin. She worked as a dramaturge and assistant director in various theatres. Since 2002, she has been working for the ITI Germany and is responsible for projects in the area of contemporary drama and translation as well as for the programme CHANGE OF SCENE. She coordinated the International Platform Contemporary Theatre and the Information Centre for Drama in Europe (ICDE). In 2007 and 2009 she was the chair of the jury for New Canadian Drama and 2009 – 2014 member of the advisory board for Arts and Culture in Berlin Pankow.  She is co-editor of several publications at the publishing house Theater der Zeit.


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born 1986 in Berlin, studied Acting and subsequently German philology as well as dramatics. In addition to her work as an actress she developed her own plays, chanson events, performances in the independent performing arts Scene and furthermore she collaborated on short films. Her agency wanted to grant her the extra division "Underground". Furthermore she is part of the Unzeit Collective with whom she frequently organises readings and is member of the LAFT Berlin. As a mediator she stage-manages different acting-portraits ( together with Malte Wunder. The focus of her latest theater-work is set on projects with young people broaching the issue of consumption and sustainability. As a Berlin girl she is going to stage a performance about her family's history in the former GDR in summer 2015. In November 2013 she has become a mother.

Maximilian v. Aulock has worked for about 15 years in the field of music and theater. As a stage manager at the Prinzregententheater in Munich and in numerous music and theatre projects, he acquired an extensive practical experience before he completed the study of cultural work at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in 2007. Here Maximilian von Aulock worked intensively on cooperation models in the festival and theater. His work "Heimspiel Auswärts? Co-operation in festivals" was published in 2004. As assistant to the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City, he drew parallels to contemporary visual art, as head of the program series Kunst aus der Zeit of the Bregenz Festival (interim), he worked as presenter. As treasurer of the initiative neue musik berlin e.V. (inm), Maximilian v. Aulock is involved in the independent music scene in Berlin. Maximilian von Aulock is married and has two children, he lives and works in Berlin.

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Bachelor of Arts in "Theatre and Professional Practice" at Coventry University in England (2005). Master of Arts in “Theatre Studies” at Freie Universität Berlin (2011).
Assistant director at Thalia Theater in Hamburg (2005-07). At Thalia Theater concept and direction for the theatrical installation "Kleines Familienspiel" at Thalia in der Gaußstraße (2006). Internship with The Wooster Group in New York (2007).
Project assistant and coordinator for the international performing arts festival In Transit and the Berlin Documentary Forum at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (2008-11). Director of “Männersache“ by Franz Xaver Kroetz at Engelbrot Theater / Brotfabrik in Berlin (2008). At Haus der Kulturen der Welt assistant to: Tania Bruguera, Nevin Aladag, Okwui Enwezor, Omer Fast and Züli Aladag. 
Transformation into “Neuen Blonden Frau“ in Berlin (2009). Performer in "Dr. Faustus" by Emilio García Wehbi and Maricel Álvarez at Akademie der Künste in Berlin and Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas in Buenos Aires; DAAD scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service) (2010).
Perfomer in "M.31, K.62, K.85" by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Ari Benjamin Meyers at Hebbel am Ufer Theater in Berlin (2011). Performer in "Dr. Faustus" at Teatro El Galéon in Mexico-City and scholarship holder of the programme Rutas Escénicas 2013 del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (2013). Assistant director to Julian Klein at the Institute for Artistic Research in Berlin (2013), from 2014 artistic research assistant at the Institute. 

Performer for the "Federal Emergency Programme" at the Center for Political Beauty in Berlin and for “Irritation” in Vienna (2014).

Julia von Schacky was born in 1978 and studied stage design at the Berlin University of the Arts with Achim Freyer, Einar Schleef and Anna Viebrock. Following this, she worked in theater and film at various institutions, including Volksbühne Berlin, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Theater an der Ruhr and projects within the independent performing arts community. The native Berliner is a founding member of the theater collective Heimathafen Neukölln and is one of the theater's artistic directors. In 2009, the group took over the municipally owned venue Saalbau Neukölln and program the historic ballroom in the center of the district under the motto "We are the peoples' theater" with a mixture of neighborhood-oriented theater productions, concerts, readings, conferences and slams, naturally with a healthy dose of heart, intellect and Berliner Schnauze.

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Director Marie Rodewald and actor Holger Foest  first met at the Hochschule der Künste in Zurich, Switzerland, and have been working together ever since. Since winter 2012 both have lived and worked in Berlin. 
The origin of every production is documentary by nature. Research on the artistic format is based on an initial setup-up, which is then checked and validated during rehearsals.
Leading them from content to format both artists invite guests, from amateur to professional artists from any discipline. The equality of all artistic disciplines , the emphasis on clear authorship, the conquest of unconventional stages as well as the search for new perspectives between audience and performing artists have become essential parts of every RodewaldFoest Produktion. 

RodewaldFoest Produktion is based in Berlin-Oberschöneweide.

Elena Polzer, born 1978. MA Japanology, Cultural Anthropology and Theory of Culture – Final Thesis: translation of Hijikata Tatsumi’s “From Being Jealous of a Dog’s Vein”. Professionally active in the performing arts since 2001 as an independent trilingual producer and translator for various artists, festivals and institutions, e.g. the political Japanese performance group Gekidan Kaitaisha, the "Nijinsky of Butoh" Akira Kasai, US-American performance artist Ami Garmon, contemporary Berlin choreographer Christoph Winkler as well as for various events and festivals at House of World Cultures Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V., Podewil, Kampnagel, Tanznacht Berlin 2002 & 2004, Tanz im August 2005, and the Brazilian dance festival brasil move berlim 2009 and 2011. 2005-2009, honorary board member of ztberlin e.V., umbrella organization for contemporary dance Berlin. In 2006, she co-founded ehrliche arbeit – freelance office for culture as a platform for the independent performing arts community in Berlin and beyond. The collective accompanies artists in the development of artistic concepts, offers project development in combination with project and production management, press and public relation work, dramaturgy, consultation on strategic and financial development in the arts, cultural policy analysis, as well as text production and translations. Elena Polzer is also a full-time working mother of two.

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Tanja Engel born 1984 in Langenhagen, grew up in Hannover. She is a freelance Company and Tour Manager since 2011. Beyond different assistant jobs she is now working as a production manager. Her focus is set on contemporary urban dance /performance.
After her studies of Media Planning, Development and Consultancy from 2005 – 2010 at the University of Siegen (degree equivalent to MA media studies) she stayed in North Rhine-Westphalia and worked mostly as a Tour Manager for the Renegade company /Pottporus e.V. from 2011 to 2013. During that time among others she worked with the choreographers Malou Airaudo, Lorca Renoux and Julio César Iglesias Ungo. Parallel to that she was employed as a management assistant for event organisation at the cumminaction agency RevierA in Essen and organised an event for the Ministry for Families, Children, youth, Culture and Sports.
From May to October 2013 she worked as a production manager for the Ben J. Riepe Kompanie in Düsseldorf. In November 2013 she moved to Berlin Kreuzberg and reinvented her production office tanz büro performance.
December 2013 - February 2015 production management for the event series Dialogic Movement - Forum für zeitgenössischen urbanen Tanz at Radialsystem V | Since May 2014 project assistant at Theater o.N., among others artist management  for FRATZ Festival 2015 | May – June 2014 artistic assistant for the dance peace „Cabdance“ by Kadir Amigo Memis and Jecko Siompo, produced at HAU3.

Ricarda Ciontos born 1968 in Sibiu/Romania she moved to Heidelberg in 1978. After high school she studied 3 years at the University for Music and Fine Arts in Saarbrücken.
As an actress Ciontos lived and worked in Vienna,Stuttgart, Frankfurt,Bochum and Bukarest. Since 2002 she lives in Berlin and 2006 she founded NORDWIND Platform and Festival which developed fastly to a major platform for the Nordic Arts in Europe.

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Steffi Kowalski studied History and Art History in Bochum, Rome, and Berlin. During her final years of study, she worked and apprenticed at the Max-Planck-Institute for Art history in Rome, at the Kunstraum Bethanien and the Galerie im Turm in Berlin, and with the 2014 Berlin Biennale. She also participated in theater projects in New York, most recently as an associate producer and design assistant for Sister Slyvester’s “Werner Herzog on Wrestlemania” in February 2014, in Brooklyn, New York. In 2012 she had her first curatorial experience with the group exhibition “A minute is not a minute” in the Supermarkt Studios, Wedding. Her primary interest is in contemporary Performance and Video art, the complex and difficult to place aesthetics, the special terms of perception, and the critical involvement of their forms of presentation.

Professor Albert Lang studied medicine in Hanover/Pisa/Munich and opera directing at the  University of Music and Performing Arts Munich. He has directed productions at numerous institutions, including: Bayerische Staatsschauspiel, Semperoper in Dresden, Städtische Bühnen Köln, Schauspiel Leipzig, Biennale Salzburg and Burgtheater in Vienna. His translations and adaptations include the works of: von Goldoni, Corneille, Angot, Babel, Nadolny, Morgan and Bernhard. He has taught at numerous institutions, including: LMU München, Mozarteum Salzburg, AA London. At TU Berlin, he directs the interdisciplinary Raumlabor (space lab), the research area of the Institute for Stage Design_Scenographic Space. He is a founding member of the theater and performance collective Parallelaktion. Albert Lang lives in Berlin.


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Mentors and mentees 2014

Silvia Albarella, born in Naples (Italy) in 1972. Studied stage design at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples. Since 1996 she lives in Berlin, where she 's been working with directors Wulf Twiehaus and Mario Portmann (at the Schaubühne Berlin, Schauspiel Leipzig, Theater Konstanz) Since 2005 she has been with free- and dance-theater company: Worked as stage and costume designer with director Anne Hirth for: "wait here for further instructions" with the company büro für zeit+raum in Berlin, "Past is in Front of Ego" (same company), "und übrigens kann ich fliegen" (same company). These works have been invited to perform both in Germany and in other European countries. Also for the dance-theatre companies Kombinat at the fabrik Potsdam, TanzZeit at RADIALSYSTEM V Berlin, Riki von Falken at Eden and A+B Tanzbau at Dock 11. Since 2011 she is member of the Kostümkollektiv, an association for the promotion of costume-and make up design in the off scene and educations projects. She has presented her first own project „Non-tutta [incompletely]”, in collaboration with artist Anne Tismer, in March 2012 at the sophiensaele Berlin and in summer 2013 at the Festival d'Avignon. 2013/2014 she is teaching costume design at the Volkshochschulen Steglitz-Zehlendorf and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in Berlin. Since 2003 worked as set and costume designer for short films, including "Abhaun!" by Christoph Wermke, which in 2004 was nominated for the best German short film prize.


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Mentors and mentees 2013

Gabi Beier (Berlin, Germany) is a dramaturge and production manager. She has worked since 1996 for a wide range of artistic projects and theatres, both for contemporary and classical choreographers. With her office „tanzbaustelle - Tanzdramaturgie und Management” (founded in 2002) she has collaborated with German and international artists, such as Jess Curtis/Gravity, Jeremy Wade, Britta Pudelko, Milla Koistinen. She also was the initiator and organizer for many dance projects focussing on young adults in Germany and abroad. In 2006 Gabi Beier co-founded ada Studio, a venue for contemporary dance in Berlin. Since 2008, ada studio runs under her directorship only. ada is a space for rehearsal, creation, production and presentation focussing on emerging professional choreographers and on artists who are „new arrivals” to Berlin. 

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Anne Nowicka, dance maker, psychologist, a graduate of the Warsaw University, SEAD, and Ernst-Busch / HZT in Berlin. In recent years, based on her long term interest in the work on dreams, imagination and physical actions, she started developing a methodology to be applied to an artistic creation. Her focus lies on questions of imagination and creativity, and potential of an image to expand body into the state of constant becoming. Her works do not follow a certain esthetics, but rather share an interest to challenge the gaze, and lead it towards the still-unseen and unknown. In 2011 Anna's research has been recognized, and she was rewarded a DAAD Prize, followed by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. In 2012 her performance: “fire is raging in your hair” won the 100GRAD Festival in HAU, Berlin, and her solo: “the truth is just a plain picture. said bob.” was selected for the Polish Dance Platform 2012. She is a danceWEB scholarship recipient at the ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna, and a winner of the Wild Card residency of Jardin d’Europe. She is currently studying at the School of Images of dr Catherine Shainberg. 


Wagner Carvalho (Germany / Brazil) was born in 1966 in Belo Horizonte and trained as a dancer, actor and speech coach at various schools in Belo Horizonte. He then became Artistic Director of the theater school Núcleo de Estudos Teatrais - NET in Belo Horizonte. Carvalho studied theater studies at FU Berlin from 1996 to 2000, supported by grants from the Goethe-Institut and the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, amongst others. He participated in various projects in Germany and Brazil since 1991, including pedagogical work and training at the Berliner Ensemble, Grips Theater and for independent productions. Carvalho has conceived and realized various artistic-societal projects in Germany and Brazil, including Fragmentos and 2000. He has given lectures in Brazil and Germany as well as founding and organizing Fórum Brasileiro da Dança, an association of Brazilian dancers and choreographers in Berlin. He organized the event series Blequitude in collaboration with Werkstatt der Kulturen and the Heinrich Böll Foundation in November of 2002. Carvalho founded the brasil move berlim festival of contemporary Brazilian dance and, with the project 2000 Travessia, began working with the theme of the visibility/invisibility of people of color in Brazil in the year 2000. This was followed by various artistic-societal projects in Germany and Brazil, including the event series Blequitude and Conversa de Nego. He was the founder and curator of project in/out and the initiator and director of the project ENTRE NÓS / UNTER UNS, both at Ballhaus Naunynstraße. Wagner Carvalho became Artistic Director of Ballhaus Naunynstraße together with Tunçay Kulao?lu at the beginning of the 2012/2013 season.


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Iury Trojaborg is a visual dramaturg and performer born in Rio de Janeiro, currently living in Berlin. In 2012 Iury received his Master degree in Performing Arts Studies through the Joint Master Erasmus Mundus program graduating from Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main and Copenhagen University. During this time he was also selected to participate in the interdisciplinary internship program offered by Danish performance and visual arts company Hotel Pro Forma which led to his participation as a dramaturg for the production of Wagner´s „Parsifal“ at Teatr Wielki in Poland in 2013. Iury is an artist influenced by the ideas concerning the term post-dramatic theatre and therefore interested in investigating dialogues between different art forms, such as theatre, performance, dance, visual arts, opera and literature. His main interest lies in exchange and collaboration, both between art forms and individuals. Iury sees his role as visual dramaturg as a translator of images and texts and, furthermore, as a collaborator: someone who makes the dialogue possible not only between the different professionals of the creative team, but also between them and the audience. He believes that works developed according to such a structure can only gain in terms of precision and value and wants therefore to continue investigating such compositions.


Michael Freundt - Administration and Project Management
Michael Freundt studied theater studies, philosophy and dance studies at the theater academy "Hans Otto" and Universität Leipzig. He has worked as a freelance journalist and critic for zitty, Wochenpost, Theater der Zeit and Berliner Zeitung, amongst others. Michael Freundt has been part of the founding and leadership teams of various independent theater projects in Leipzig, Münster and Berlin as a director, dramaturg and theater producer. He has worked with euro-scene Leipzig as a press contact and member of the artistic staff since 1997 and was the Artistic Director from 2001 to 2002. After freelance work on numerous independent productions in the fields of theater, dance and classical music, Michael Freundt became the Associate Managing Director of the International Theater Institute (ITI) center in Germany. Michael Freundt has participated in the Permanent Conference on Dance since 2004, coordinated the founding of the registered association and was appointed Managing Director of SK Tanz (now Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) upon its founding in March of 2006.

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Gert-Jan Stam was born in Zaandam, the Netherlands. After a career in the visual arts he started writing for theater in 2007. As of 2010 his focus has been on the development of DIYtheatre. „OK OK“ (2012), a cooperation with Ant Hampton (UK) is a minimalistic comedy for four people. „Khor I“ (2012), a theater-Installation based on Tibetan prayer wheels, was commissioned by Het Huis van Bourgondie (NL) for the World Expo Floriade 2012 in Venlo (NL). „TAAT“ (Theater als Architektur, Architektur als Theater) is a cooperation with Belgian architect Breg Horemans. Their current project is “HALL33”, a building that is a theatre play. Gert-Jan Stam lives and works in Berlin.

Eva Hartmann – freelance dramatic adviser, producer and coach in Berlin. MA in theatre sciences about Joseph Beuys and his actions. Selected works: International Theatre Academy Ruhr, Bochum, 1999; performance festival reich & berühmt 2000 + 2002, Podewil Berlin; worked together with several artists amongst others with Penelope Wehrli from 2001-2004. Since August 2002 international manager, producer and dramatic adviser for the German/English Arts Collective Gob Squad ( In the board of directors of LAFT Berlin e.V. in 2009/2010. Lecture activities for universities and cultural organisations. Accredited coach, with a special interest and qualification in the artistic field.

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Lena Mody studied at the European Film College in Denmark. Later she continued studying Scandinavian Literature, Cultural Studies and Theatre Studies in Munich and Berlin. Since 2012 she studies Stage Design (Master of Arts) at the TU Berlin. Under the artistic leadership of Frank Baumbauer she was an intern and assistant at the Münchner Kammerspiele, where she was able to work among others with Andreas Kriegenburg, Lars-Ole Walburg, Felicitas Brucker and Nadia Fistarol. At Hebbel am Ufer / HAU with Matthias Lilienthal as director, she worked as an artistic assistant, dramatic advisor and production manager, which gave her the opportunity to work for example with the director Patrick Wengenroth, the stage designer and theatre maker Dries Verhoeven and raumlaborberlin. 2013 she realized a space for the Karl May Total Festival at the Landesbühnen Sachsen. As stage designer she worked with the collective Gob Squad and the director Dirk Cieslak, occasionally she completed her work with them by also designing the costumes. As a dramatic advisor she worked for example with the group Das Helmi.

Ralf R. Ollertz was born in 1964. He studied composition and conducting in Italy with Salvatore Sciarrino and at Folkwang Academy in Essen. In recent years, alongside chamber and orchestra music, he has written electro-acoustic music and radio plays for which he has received numerous international awards. Together with Toula Limnaios he is Artistic Director of cie. toula limnaios and HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN. Tours, radio and television productions have taken him through Europe, South America, the United States, Japan, Australia and Africa.

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Matija Strnisa - musician, composer, clarinetist - studied clarinet at the Academy of Music in Slovenia and electronic composition (Dirk Reith) at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen. Currently he is living in Berlin, studying for his master's in Film Scoring at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Next to his studies he works on different projects composing music for films, animated films and art installations and on occasion produces them as well. Depending on the project he chooses the individual musicians, chamber music ensembles or orchestras to work with. He is also writing pieces, which are performed in concerts as absolute music.


Aenne Quiñones has worked as a curator and Associate Artistic Director of HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin since September of 2012. After studying at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, she was a research assistant at the East Berlin Academy of Arts until the middle of the 1990s before beginning her work at Podewil in Berlin as the co-founder of the festival reich&berühmt in 1996. As a member of the artistic leadership, she developed the theater/performance area from 1997 until 2002. From 2002 to 2011, she worked at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, particularly as a curator and dramaturg for Volksbühne im Prater in collaboration with the Artistic Director René Pollesch. She has developed productions with Gob Squad, René Pollesch, Schorsch Kamerun, Stefan Pucher and Forced Entertainment, amongst others. She was Artistic Director of the Dortmund theater festival FAVORITEN in 2010 and 2012 and worked as a dramaturg at Residenztheater München during the 2011/2012 season. Her publications include: The Making of a Memory/10 Jahre Gob Squad errinert in Wort und Bild, Synwolt Verlag, Berlin, 2005 and René Pollesch, Liebe ist kälter als das Kapital, Rowohlt Verlag, Hamburg, 2009.

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Valentina Repetto Valentina was born in Bolzano, Italy, on the 24th of April 1985. She grew up bilingual and speaks German und Italian. In 2004 she started her theater studies at Vienna University. During this time she did two stage direction internships, one for the performance group "Rimini Protokoll“ and the other for the director René Pollesch at "Prater an der Volksbühne" in Berlin. From 2007 to 2011 she studied acting at the University of Arts in Berlin. During her studies she had the great opportunity to work with different directors, such as Christoph Mehler, Annette Pullen, Paul Binnert, Nina Hellmuth und Prinzip Gonzo and to perform on several stages (Schaubühne, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Maxim Gorki, Volksbühne, BAT Berlin). She also played in movies. Recently she played the leading roles for the DFFB production “Auf Anfang” and for the Art Film “Lafnetscha”. In 2011 she won the Berliner Opernpreis with the piece „Honolulu Vagmani“ together with her interdisciplinary theater-dance-music-group, which she co-founded. Besides of working as an actress, Valentina writes plays. Her first theater play “Eden 2112 – a galactic project for the future” celebrated its premiere on 19th of April 2013 and was a major success. 

Daniel Schrader was born in Hamburg in 1980. He studied cultural studies and Slavic studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and spent three years as a resident assistant director at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemberg-Platz (assisting, amongst others, Frank Castorf, Christoph Marthaler and Jonathan Meese). He directed his first production in the 3. Stock performance venue of Volksbühne with the youth theater company P14 and then worked as a freelance director, dramaturg and production manager (Ballhaus Ost, Garage X, Vienna). Daniel Schrader has been Artistic and Managing Director of Ballhaus Ost since 2010.


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Wanda Dubrau was born in 1983 in Dresden. From 2006 -2012 she was studying Fine Arts at the HBK Braunschweig. In 2010 she went to study two semesters at the "Escuela Nacional de Grabado, Pintura y Escultura la Esmeralda" in Mexico-City. She did her diploma in 2012 with Prof. Candice Breitz. Her performances take place in public spaces, exhibtion spaces and theatres. Centre of her artisitc work are the interpersonal relationships of people. How distant and close are they really towards each other? In her current work she and collaborators are developing sceneries of encounter in which the line between spectators and protagonists vanishes. Wanda Dubrau realised works in the Kunstverein Hannover, in the LOT-Theater Braunschweig, in the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, in the CITY-Gallery Wolfsburg, in Mexico, China and Brasil. She is living and working in Berlin and Braunschweig. 


Franziska Werner - Since 2011 Franziska Werner is artistic director of Sophiensæle Berlin, an independent production house for theatre, dance and performance. She studied theatre studies/cultural communication, art history and cultural anthropology at Humboldt University Berlin and Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris. Since 2008 she worked as production dramaturge at Sophiensæle Berlin; since 2001 she has been working as freelance dramaturge and project manager for several artists, festivals and production houses in Germany. She is co-founder of the artist collective Pony Pedro, with whom she worked since 2005 in the field of urban communication strategies and realized interventions in public space interfacing installation, performance and graphics/silk printing skills.


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Christin Prätor studied Literature, Cultural Studies and Psychology in Jena, Seville and Berlin. After travelling through Latin America, Australia and South Africa she assisted in the International Forum of Theatertreffen in 2012 and 2013. And worked as Assistant to the Production Manager both for the Foreign Affairs festival and Rimini Protokoll’s “Situation Rooms”. Also, she assisted in the dramaturgy of “The Castle” directed by Nurkan Erpulat in Deutsches Theater Berlin and in “Enemy of The People” directed by Jorinde Dröse in Gorki Theater. Currently she is working on a project for perfomance art students from Berlin and Tel Aviv with the israeli director Yonatan Esterkin. She is also part of the collective which curates and manages the B_Tour Festival. B_Tour provides a platform both for artists and citizens to present their narrative of the urban space in the format of guided tours throughout the city. The next B_Tour Festival will be held in Berlin and Belgrade in the Summer of 2014.

Katharina von Wilcke (cultural manager & producer) 1991 she graduated in German and Spanish Literature and Language at the Universität Hamburg. In 1995 she founded the production office DepArtment. As project manager Katharina von Wilcke is working for different dance and theatre companies as well as for cultural events, among others Theater der Welt 1996, Expo 2000 Hannover, Dance Platform Germany 2000, ErsatzStadt at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Festival Politik im Freien Theater 2002, Heimspiel 2011. Together with Sabine Gehm she was the director of Dance Congress 2006, 2009 and 2013, a project funded by the Cultural Federal Foundation of Germany. She is co-editor of the publications ‚Wissen in Bewegung’/’Knowledge in Motion’, published 2007 by transcript.

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Sheena McGrandles, (*1984) originally from Northern Ireland, graduated with a BA in Dance Theatre from the Laban Center, London (2007). From 2008-2009 she was an artist in resident with Daghdha Dance Company, Limerick, Ireland in which her choreographic research was award with a ‘Choreographic Bursary Award’ from the DanceHouse, Dublin. In 2009 she was selected for an 18 month residency as part of ‘The Fourteen’ at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds. Most recently Sheena has completed her MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship (SODA) at HZT/UdK, Berlin (2012), with the support of a scholarship from Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. During the summer of 2012 she received the danceWEB scholarship in Vienna. At present Sheena is working with the artist Eva Meyer-Keller and has just premiered her new work ‘true balls’ as part of the K3 Choreographer in residency program in Hamburg. Her artistic practice, both performative and visual is concerned with queering the body in performance, drag and the representation of women on stage. Since October 2013 she is artistic research associate at the BA “Dance, Context, Choreography” at HZT Berlin.

Christoph Winkler, born in Torgau/East Germany, was a multiple Spartakiad winner in the disciplines weight-lifting and judo and studied breakdance and martial arts, before being selected for classical ballet training as a teenager. After the fall of the wall, he danced in music videos for MTV, performed in underground techno clubs and studied choreography at the prestigious School for Drama Ernst Busch, as well as founding a the music label Klangkrieg Productions for experimental music. After graduation in 1998, he began working as an independent choreographer in Berlin. His early work received much critical acclaim for its austere, radical and discursive minimalist style and was invited to numerous festivals such as the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis and Impulstanz in Vienna. He was also invited to present his pieces at the German Dance Platform in 2002, 2004 and 2012. In 2006, his oeuvre branched out into several different directions, e.g. collaborations with various young hip-hop artists (Tales of the Funky - 2007, Saal A - 2008, Taste of Ra – 2009, Maldoror-Amped – 201) and two pieces on the concept of performance itself and the contextualization of dance (Posed - 2008, Eine Geschichte – 2009). In 2007, he founded BERLIN GOGOS - Agency for Contemporary GoGo Dancing as an ongoing analysis of the mechanisms of exploitation in contemporary dance. His most important aim is to explore topics through dance that directly pertain to the art form, but also in addition refer back to ongoing and current topics of discussion in society. Along these lines, he began in 2009 with the open series Dance&Politics, which so far includes Taking Steps (2009) about life-long learning, Dance! Copy! Right? (2012) RechtsRadikal about the ring-wing female body and The True Face about global capitalism and arts activism worldwide (both 2013). The solo Baader – A Choreography of Radicalization (second part in the series Evil Bodies) has toured widely and dancer Martin Hansen was named Dancer of the Year 2012 for it by the German dance journal “tanz”. 


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Mathis Kleinschnittger was born and raised in Hesse. He studied contemporary and classical dance at the college of art in Frankfurt a. M. He also graduated in cultural studies. After beeing employed by Marco Santi as dancer at the theatre of Osanbrück. He worked for several other choreographers and directors inland and abroad, such as Jessica Huber, Kathrin Mayr, Trisha Brown, Luc Dunberry, Phillipe Saire, Michael-Keegan-Dolan and Thomas McManus. In February 2013 he showed his first Solo, named „Los Lassen“, in the festival 100°-Berlin and in June in the festival Kaltstart in Hamburg.