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Open Call: Digital Dance and Theater Communication

Theaterscoutings Berlin supports the conception and implementation of digital exchange and communication formats that make it possible to take part in the independent performing arts from a distance. Members of the independent performing arts community (individuals, teams, performance venues) are invited to develop and try out participation formats for our digital present.

What formats are we looking for? (list of criteria)

  • formats that bring together the independent performing arts and audiences and allow participation from a distance,
  • formats that are directly connected to artistic productions, that expand and continue them or that introduce the productions,
  • formats that can be realized digitally, by telephone or in another manner during the current and possible future policies to contain the coronavirus pandemic,
  • formats that place the independent performing arts and its processes in focus and make them possible to be experienced, that create interaction and dialog in digital space and that make exchange possible, also beyond the use of verbal language,
  • practical formats that can already be realized on a technical basis.

Formats can be used for a variety of productions as well as created specifically for a specific production. Unfortunately, streaming formats, video recordings or similar reproductions of artistic productions as well as regular workshops cannot be considered.

Examples to give you a sense of orientation:

  • A digital post-performance discussion following a streamed production, a digital "physical introduction" prior to a performance that will be streamed or is available online on demand or at a specific date and time,
  • streamed interviews with, for examples, choreographers / directors about their current work (interviewed from a distance, via video calls or similar methods) as a preview of their later work,
  • all types of communication formats concerning digital arts.

We are really looking forward to different, new, creative and realizable concepts!

How can you take part?

Send us a short description of the communication format with the following information:

  • Goals and principles of the format (understanding of communication)
  • Procedure of the format and information regarding technical implementation (e.g. the digital platforms upon which the format will take place)
  • Suggestions for the date and time of the implementation
  • The group for which the format is intended (e.g. younger audiences, English-speaking audiences, hearing-impaired audiences, et cetera)
  • Productions (and / or locations and / or festivals) to which the format is connected that will accompany or supplement the format
  • If applicable, performance venues at which the format would be especially well-suited or with whom you may already be in contact
  • Information regarding the know-how and equipment necessary for technical implementation


Theaterscoutings Berlin provides financial support for both the conception of as well as the initial implementations of digital communication formats. The work is conducted as a freelancer on a fee basis.
The amount of the fee is dependent upon the type and number of implementations.

We ask you to please send the ideas for new communication formats to:
swetlana.gorich [at]