Production Management for Newcomers

9. February 2023 - 9. March 2023

Production Management for Newcomers

Independent artists function as all-rounders in their profession and, alongside the artistic work, frequently have to take on the coordination, communication and organization of their own projects. It’s the same for solo artists as it is for collectives: in order to realize a project, it is necessary for many to dive into production management. Others discover the field for themselves and would like to professionalize their work within it and establish a second way of supporting themselves.
But how does one get started with working as a production manager and what is expected of me in this job? What are my tasks and what can I delegate? How do I optimally structure my activities and what do I have to bear in mind?
Over the course of five modules, our experts will provide their practical knowledge regarding these questions and offer interested artists support in getting working within the profession of production management.

A series with five dates; registration is only possible for participants that can attend all five dates.
Please note: last minute changes are possible!
The respective events take place online in German spoken language, but it is also possible to ask questions and receive answers in English.

9. February 2023 - 10:00 - 14:00

With Urszula Heuwinkel (MIFRUSH Production)

In the first session, we will provide insight into the profession and its practice: what are the tasks of a production manager? What tasks are generally a part of the job and what tasks are not necessarily necessary? How do I define myself and my activity - production manager, artistic producer, production management - and how do I structure my work along the duration of the project time period? How do I my range of services to project partners and how do I delimit myself from other tasks? What challenges exist? How do I deal with hierarchies or existing group dynamics? And, last but not least, what fee can I charge for my services?

15. February 2023 - 10:00 - 14:00

With Ilona Schaal (leadership team of Theater Rampe Stuttgart beginning in the 2023/2024 season)

In the second module, everything revolves around money: how do I find funding for a production, how does the research take place and how do I find out which funding tool is a good fit for the project? How do I create a budget for the corresponding funding and what do I have to bear in mind as a production manager? What costs and expenses do I have to keep an eye on and how do I make budget allocations for the different fees such as KSK (Künstlersozialkasse, the German public social insurance fund for artists) and, of course, the fees? And, ultimately, how do I mediate between artistic ideas, the application text and the real budget?

23. February 2023 - 10:00 - 14:00

With Francesca Spisto (independent production manager, production management Sophiensaele)

For many people, one of the greatest challenges is building up and maintaining a wide variety of contacts. There are, however, many tricks and tips that can be learned: how do I handle conversations, how do I network? What should I bear in mind during the current project work in order to be able to collaborate again in the future? Which communication strategies, both internally as well as externally, and how do I achieve a sustainable communication that also remains in existence after the current project?

2. March 2023 - 10:00 - 14:00

With Fabian Rosonsky (director & production manager)

Trust is good, clarity is better - and is generally a requirement from the side of the funder anyway. Drawing up the first contract drafts and writing agreement can, however, absolutely bring some nervousness with it.  What kinds of contracts exist and what should generally be regulated in a good contract? How do I describe the services that I am expecting from my contractual partners? How do I safeguard the project and how do I deal with absences or terminations?  What special characteristics need to be taken into consideration when drafting contract with international partners? In this module, we will collect and discuss the most important components for a production contract.

9. March 2023 - 10:00 - 14:00

With Barbara Greiner (independent production manager and dramaturg)

The premiere was great, there was a lot of applause and excellent reviews. For production managers especially, though, reality quickly returns after the euphoria with all of its paperwork: where-used lists, final report, project accounting - how do I formally conclude my project properly and correctly? What are the tips and tricks for maintaining an overview, which tools can help? And, as a production manager, how do I achieve a resource-efficient self-management and time management in order to maintain fun and joy in the job, also on a long-term basis?

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