Performing Arts Programm 2016 - 2018

Performing Arts Programm 2016 - 2018

The established formats were assigned and consolidated into four areas in 2016 - 2018 as well as supplemented by new ideas. The four areas – Information, Consultation & Qualification, Distribution & Marketing, Network, Transfer of Knowledge & Cooperations and Audience Development & Communication – cluster all essential areas of responsibility within Berlin‘s independent cultural landscape. The 2016 -2018 Performing Arts Program understood itself as an organizational umbrella for the areas, their goals and their measures.

Information, Consultation & Qualification

With diverse formats, including individual consultation sessions, discussions with experts, information events, workshops and network meetings, we advise and qualify both newcomers as well as firmly established members of the independent performing arts community. All offers are free of charge for independent artists and culture makers with a registered address in Berlin and are tailored to their situation and individual needs. A Consultation Portal and an annual Symposium are supplementing the existing offers of the Mentoring Program and Information Center.

Distribution & Marketing

As an interface between Berlin’s independent performing arts community and potential consumers, we increase the (inter)national visibility of Berlin’s artists, initiatives and organizations. The focus of the activities is oriented around impulses from the community and the opportunities for Berlin’s art and culture makers resulting from this work. Proactive Marketing requires the development of new markets, making it easier to access work produced in Berlin and specific networking efforts. As the community’s Central Point of Contact, our work will be supplemented by a Welcome Portal and an annual Information Brochure.

Network, Knowledge Transfer & Cooperations

Our goal is to network the members of the independent performing arts community with each other and with colleagues from other disciplines, cultural policy makers, international community and other fields. The annual Industry Get-Together is an established event for encounters and shared discussions, work and research. Regular theme-based symposia are offered in order to collect and communicate our constantly growing store of knowledge. The Rehearsal Space Platform is a new point of contact between those offering and those searching for rehearsal space. And Special Events, generally in the form of cooperations with other associations and initiatives, stimulate new networks and transfers of knowledge.

Audience Development & Communication

We see ourselfes as an interface between artistic production and audiences: alongside the monthly schedule of programming of Theater Scoutings Berlin, we continuously develop new Target Group-Specific Offers with the goal to establish a sustainable engagement with and a permanent interest in the independent theater and dance community in Berlin. We also see ourselves as a platform for communication: together with members of the independent performing arts community, our current communication practices are reflected upon and elaborated during an Annual Symposium and will be passed on in the form of a handbook.

Dokumentation Performing Arts Programm Berlin 2016 - 2018

Documentation: Performing Arts Programm Berlin 2016 - 2018


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Team 2016 – 2018

Janina Benduski Director of the Performing Arts Program
Stefan Sahlmann Director of the Performing Arts Program 

Florian Hohnhorst Assistant to the Director

Therese Schmidt Information, Consultation & Qualification
Sabrina Apitz Information, Consultation & Qualification
Änne-Marthe Kühn Information, Consultation & Qualification

Johanna Bauer Distribution & Marketing
Felix Koch Distribution & Marketing
Thomas Fabian Eder Distribution & Marketing
Sarah Kindermann Assistance Distribution & Marketing

Julian Kamphausen Network, Knowledge Transfer & Cooperations 
Franziska Janke Network, Knowledge Transfer & Cooperations
Christina Zintl Industry Get-Together 2018
Aurora Kellermann Rehearsal Space Platform

Nathalie Frank Audience Development & Communication
Swetlana Gorich Audience Development & Communication
Lars Hecker Online Marketing

Hannah Pelny Project Management
Eva-Karen Tittmann Project Management
Lisanne Grotz Project Management / Office Management
Jennifer Lauch Project Management
Denise Biermann Accounting

Björn Frers Press
Daniel Brunet Translation
Marit Buchmeier Editor
Désirée Meul Editor
Björn Szesni Office Management

For LAFT Berlin:

Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck Associate LAFT Berlin Board Member, Performing Arts Program Berlin
Reto Kamberger Associate LAFT Berlin Board Member, Performing Arts Program Berlin
Sandra Klöss Associate LAFT Berlin Board Member, Performing Arts Program Berlin
Dr. Peggy Mädler Editing and Communication LAFT Berlin